So, to start, I did not work on anything thesis-related today. I had to work today, plus I was working on it so much the past three days that what I was typing didn’t even make much sense toward the end there. I will resume typing tomorrow… I have a bit more discussion and then the conclusion to go, in addition to some formatting stuff, fixing my Works Cited page, and proofreading so that my thesis chair can’t accuse me of not proofreading (even though I TOTALLY proofread it before I sent it to him in October, even if he doesn’t believe me).

Twitter makes me laugh. I only joined it two years ago because the undergrads in my summer school journalism classes were telling me how they used it to keep up with current events and whatnot. I mostly use Twitter to keep up with famous people on shows that I like (like, Glee and StarKid people, among others…). I “follow” some of my peers from undergrad and grad school, but not gonna lie… I mostly follow famous people.

So, I was on Twitter this morning and over in the “suggestion” area, it told me I should follow Ben Lyons.

For those of you who don’t know, Ben Lyons is an entertainment journalist and film critic. He’s barely two years older than me and I would do heinous acts to have the kinds of jobs he has had. His father, Jeffrey Lyons, is a film and theater critic, and his grandfather was a columnist.

Personally, Ben Lyons is not a film critic whose opinions I value. When I watched him on “At the Movies,” I often cringed at the films he claimed were great, and scoffed when he thought films that were critically acclaimed were not as such. My biggest beef with him was during the 2009 Academy Awards season… every time I saw him on TV, he was hyping up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as if it were the greatest movie known to mankind.

I saw Benjamin Button. I wish I had those 3 hours of my life back, in addition to the $5 I paid to go see it. But alas, that did not happen.

Anyway, I laughed when I saw that Twitter suggested I follow Ben Lyons because I really don’t agree with his film criticisms… so I tweeted how I wish Twitter would stop suggesting that I follow Ben Lyons because I don’t trust him because he liked the Benjamin Button movie too much. (more to this story in a bit…)

Then, I went about my day as per usual… went to work. Work was slow. I had to have a meeting with my manager so she could go over my numbers with me. It’s such a condescending process… I do my job well and my numbers aren’t horrible, but she always makes me feel like I’m not doing my job right. Bah.

When I got home from work, we had pizza and watched Amazing Race – woot.

I’m super tired, so I decided to go to my room earlyish to check emails and whatnot, and then blog before I read and fell asleep.

So, I’m on Twitter, catching up on what happened today. I always check “retweets” and “mentions” to see if someone retweeted me or mentioned me in a tweet… and I saw that Ben Lyons had responded to my tweet from this morning. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD that he actually wrote back. He wrote “@klabovitz oh you mean the movie that got 13 oscar noms? Tied for the most ever? Rrrrrrright….ok. Don’t follow” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

First of all, Benjamin Button is NOT tied for the most Oscar noms… that would be Titanic and All About Eve, with 14 nominations apiece. Second of all, the fact that he tweeted me back at all just makes me laugh. (btw – I tweeted him back too… twice, actually. Once to say that Milk and Doubt were better movies the year Benjamin Button got nominated, and then again to inform him of Titanic and All About Eve’s 14 noms. I also said that I’d leave him alone now.)

For the record, I’m not the only person on the planet who doesn’t think that Ben Lyons is the best film critic out there. Check out this blog which I LOVE 🙂

Oh, good times.

Well, I am going to laugh myself to sleep now

Have a good one