Oh my goodness, dear reader(s),

When I clicked “send” around 2:45 today to send a completed draft of my thesis to my thesis chair, a HUGE friggin’ smile came across my face. I know I still have a ways to go (as he’ll likely have notes and I’ll probably need to edit a bunch), but still! I wrote a 94 PAGE PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s, like, 70 pages longer than anything I’ve ever written in my entire life. And I totally wrote 1/2 of it in the last weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek because I am freakin’ disciplined.

Granted, the left margin has to be 1.5 inches, so I’m sure that added some pages… and I have, like, 10 pages of tables, but still! 94 PAGES.

I am not ashamed to say that I felt super proud of myself.

So, I spent the whole morning and a couple hours this afternoon formatting my paper and proofreading and editing to make sure it was as perfect as I was capable of making it to send to my thesis chair.

After I sent it, I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself.

I treated myself to a Cadbury egg (b/c it’s the best Easter candy EVER) and then played some Wii billiards with my mom. But then I was stumped as to how to spend the rest of my afternoon.

So, I cleaned my bathroom.

My room and bathroom have become pretty much destroyed over the past couple weeks because I have pretty much done nothing but thesis stuff. So, it was time to clean a bit (plus my mom was cleaning to foyer, so I thought I should be doing something productive instead of just watch a movie). I put on one of my Darren Criss iPod mixes and scrubbed away the gross stuff in my sink while singing at the top of my lungs. I kinda forgot my mom was just around the corner… so when I was putting my hamper back in the bathroom and singing/dancing along to “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy,” I stopped short in the hallway because I almost ran right into my mom who was walking out of the middle room. Whoops…

So, my bathroom was spotless and I still had some time to kill before dinner, so I fired up my iTunes to start making some new playlists for when I go see my sister in a few weeks. (I am a master at making mix CDs…)

While making a particularly awesome list, my mom came in my room with a package in her hand… my StarKid shirt and sunglasses had arrived from Ann Arbor Tees!!!!! I ripped open the package to find (1) my new awesome StarKid t-shirt that I will totally be wearing when I go see them next month (2) some navy blue sunglasses w/StarKid’s logo on the side and (3) my receipt… which had a totally awesome drawing on it.

See, when you order stuff from Ann Arbor Tees, if you write a request for a drawing in the comments box on the order form they deliver… in spades.

When I ordered my stuff, I asked for a drawing of Darren Criss/Harry Potter playing the guitar.

The drawing on my receipt surpassed my wildest expectations. Instead of Darren Criss playing the guitar, whoever drew the picture wrote “How about a Guitar playing Darren Criss?” and then proceeded to draw a large guitar with hands and feet, holding a shirtless man (who is supposed to be Darren Criss, as per the description…) and playing him as if he were a guitar.

I laughed out loud when I saw the comments and picture… and perhaps it’s because I’m so tired from not sleeping due to being worried about my thesis stuff, but I thought this picture was just about the funniest thing and it totally made my day 🙂

I tried on my shirt (it fit!) and sunglasses (they’re awesome!) and then went upstairs to have dinner with my mom.

I finished watching How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying… “Brotherhood of Man” is one of the best finale songs of all time. There, I said it.

After my movie, I grabbed a shower and then dug around some bags of clothes for my capris. I was already trying to plan what I was going to wear when I visit my sister next month and I needed to make sure if I had to buy new capris or not. To be honest, I was not sure my capris were going to fit… my weight has been yo-yoing a bit the past few months due to holidays (up) and stress (down). Well, it looks like stress has won out… because my capris totally fit. Yay – I don’t have to buy new ones!

As I type this, my mom and I are watching American Idol (I’m typing during commercials). Lauren just sang “The Climb,” that Miley Cyrus song from the Hannah Montana movie. And she did sing it better than Miley… but is that really saying much? Stefano is up next… I hope he does well. And I am very interested in hearing what Casey sings. When they showed him at the beginning of the show, I commented to my mom that he was dressed like Andy Kaufman. I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything… but we’ll see.

Here comes Stefano!! (pause button on the typing…)


That was one of the best versions of “End of the Road” that I have ever heard. I friggin’ LOVE this song, and Stefano SLAYED it. That was so good. To quote J-Lo, “*That* was the shit.” (yeah, Fox had to bleep her…)

Oh my goodness, I am smiling like an idiot because that was just so good 🙂

Yay Stefano…

Well, I’m gonna close for now. I will add videos and stuff in a bit later

Have a good one

(P.S. It’s 10 pm and I’m adding in some video clips now… I also just watched both episodes of “Happy Endings” on ABC and I really liked it. It’s not quite HIMYM good, but it has potential. I like the guy who plays the gay guy the best thus far. And, I ❤ Casey Wilson. I loved her on SNL and was so bummed when she wasn't on the show anymore. So, I will totally keep watching "Happy Endings" 🙂 )