I’m watching the news right now and in the last 30 minutes, there have been stories about the cancellations of One Life to Live and All My Children *and* some stories about the upcoming royal wedding between Will and Kate.

And I really couldn’t care less about either bit of news.

I may be in the minority with those opinions, but I’m okay with that. Perhaps I am out of touch with the whole of society. I’m also okay with that…

I have never watched an entire episode of a soap opera. I have seen clips from several of them in various television courses I took in college. But, from the plot lines I have heard from several of these shows – I don’t think I could handle such drama on a daily basis.

However, I do understand why people like soap operas. Many of them feature characters that have been around for a very, very long time. These are characters that people have gotten attached to over an extended period of time. It’s something to rely on. It’s entertainment. It’s a venue for which an audience can bond over a shared interest of characters and story lines. These shows just are not for me.

I am also way sick and tired of seeing stories on the news every morning and night about Will and Kate. I know he is royalty, and she is marrying into that, but I feel bad for the two of them because people are so interested in/obsessed with their personal lives.

I get that there are people who are very invested in the whole “real life royalty” thing. I mean, we’ve been hit with media-induced images of princes, princesses, kings and queens all of our lives (Thank you, Disney). For Americans, it seems that Will & Kate is somehow a real life fairy tale… we expect a happily ever after for the royal pair because *that’s* what’s supposed to happen.

And I get that, I do.

But does the NEWS have to spend a whole month counting down to this wedding? Didn’t a giant earthquake and tsunami just destroy part of a country? Aren’t we still in a huge financial crisis in America? Are they just talking about Will & Kate to ignore the fact that gas prices are through the roof and rising, while wages haven’t moved at all?

I know it’s easier to just brush aside the bad things that are happening right now, and focus on this happy royal occasion. But I’m more concerned with how I’m supposed to pay for two huge upcoming road trips and not who is designing Kate’s dress.

(end rant)

Maybe I’m just venting because I’m tired. I actually did sleep really well last night (for the first time in awhile!), but the exhaustion is setting in from being in super-stress mode these past few weeks.

With my thesis stuff starting to wind down (though there is still much to do… editing… defending it… etc…), I really need to start thinking about finding a job. I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to do it. But I know I don’t want to do it here (i.e. MN). While it has been great spending so much time with my parents this past year, I need to move out and move on.

I worked this morning for a few hours. Luckily it went pretty quick, even though it was awfully slow for awhile. I got a huge scratch on my hand and I almost got elbowed in the eye. But other than that, all was well.

(btw – watching American Idol results right now. I love how they have the contestants sing in little groups. It’s a way for us to see them in non-competition mode. I’m not really digging this duet between Scotty and Lauren, though. I’m not a Lady Antebellum fan. Yep. I said it. Anyway… Haley best go home tonight.)

When I got home from work, I registered for graduation, and then sent my thesis submission form and a draft of my thesis to the Thesis and Dissertation people. I also sent an email to the other two members of my thesis committee to let them know that I sent my completed draft to my thesis chair. I am moving this process forward as best as I can. I need to graduate in June.

I also listened to some music while I read the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (summer movie preview!). My two favorite songs I listened to today were:

1. “So Close” performed by Jon McLaughlin for the movie Enchanted – Man, I hadn’t heard this in FOREVER! I love this song. I know it goes against my usually anti-girly persona, but I cannot help it. Though some of the lyrics are a bit on the cheesy side, I like the progression of the song and how it swells in the movie right at the part where the two characters are separated. It’s kinda sad, but super sweet at the same time.

2. “Sophomore” by Darren Criss – I seem to have a new favorite Darren Criss song every week. I mean, all his stuff is so money, but I think the lyrics to “Sophomore” are extra relatable.

My favorite bit is at 1:45 where he launches into the verse:
“My closet’s exploded from the color blast,
A blast I’ll have for you.
My mother, she’s knowing all these colors clash,
The Clash, I like them too!
My braces are freezing over,
I’m shaking for you.
I can’t wait ’till this is over,
Then I’ll fall in love with you.”

I don’t know why, but I especially love the lines “My mother, she’s knowing all these colors clash / The Clash, I like them too!” It’s such an afterthought, but also completely endearing at the same time.

Love it. Like whoa.

So… by the time I’m typing this, American Idol is over and I am getting ready for bed (watched Idol, Bones & 30 Rock… which has gotten so bad this season 😦 )

I was not surprised to see Paul go home. He’s cute, but I was not digging his sound. He sounded too much like Rod Stewart. And I do not like Rod Stewart. Any time I hear him singing, I immediately shut off the radio. I would rather sit in silence than listen to Rod Stewart. And music is like air for me… I need it to live. So that’s how much I don’t like Rod Stewart. Sorry Paul… but it was your time.

Anyway, I’m off to bed… I have off from work tomorrow, but I’m going to the movies with my mom and then we have a bajillion errands to run. Plus, I gotta buy HP7 Part I!!!!!!

Have a good one