I was thinking that 60 Minutes was going to run over like it usually does and I would have time to type this out before The Amazing Race started, but here it is, 7:00 pm and The Race is on on time. Oh well… looks like I’ll be typing during the commercials and after the show 🙂

I worked until 11:15 last night and didn’t get home until around 11:45. I was so tired, but at the same time, so awake. So, I don’t think I got to bed until well after 1. As I had today off, I got to sleep in a bit, which was loverly. I had a bizarre dream last night, which was to be expected after what I was reading before I finally fell asleep. Regardless, the dream ended with me sitting in a classroom trying to hide my computer wallpaper from the person sitting behind me (as it was the same person). And as I was shielding my computer screen, the person sitting behind me was writing quotes and song lyrics on the back of my shirt with various colored sharpies. Like I said, bizarre.

I used my day off for doing days off-esque things… laundry, exercising, baking and movie watching. I will get back to thesis-related work on Wednesday (formatting my paper, re-contacting my professor if I haven’t heard from him yet, etc…). But today, I needed to just be a person who didn’t have school worries.

So, I did my laundry. I played Wii Dance on Broadway for an hour or so… I was dancing up a storm. I beat one of my mom’s scores and almost beat 3 more, so that made me happy. I’m going to try and beat those 3 dances this week 🙂

While I was dancing, my mom and dad installed a new microwave underneath the cupboards in our kitchen. We had 2 microwaves in there, but neither of them were good. One was completely broken, and the other makes the most horrendous sounds, like it’s going to explode at any minute. But, now we have an awesome new microwave that doesn’t sound like it’s eating itself.

After lunch, I decided I needed to bake something. Really, baking is just an excuse to blast music in the kitchen and dance around like I’m in a mosh put. I should patent what I do as cardio baking. It’s pretty much 15-20 minutes of constant running/singing/stirring, and then 15-20 minutes of washing dishes while the cookie bar bakes.

Once baking and dishes were done, my dad and I watched Road House. What a pretty horrible, but still completely great movie. And by great, I mean highly entertaining… with bad dialogue, a bunch of fight scenes, people shivving other people, lots of Patrick Swayze with no shirt on, and a (surprisingly) ridiculously attractive Sam Elliot. Day-yum. Plus, Ben Gazzara was in the movie… and we’re kinda related to him. Well, not kinda. We are related to him… I think by my dad’s cousin’s family (or something like that). My sister and I totally saw him on Broadway a few years ago in the revival of Awake and Sing!, but we didn’t want to approach him after the show and be like, “Hey, we’re related to you!” because that would have been weird.

Road House was pretty bad. But we totally enjoyed watching it. The dialogue was ridiculous. But Swayze’s character totally rips out a guy’s throat with his bare hands. What?! Awesome.

After the movie, we caught a couple minutes of Waterworld and then The Amazing Race was on (which we just got done watching… I’m glad that it was a non-elimination round because I like Mallory and her dad).

And really, that’s everything that happened today. Oh, and I did talk with my sister for a bit… I’m going to see her in a couple weeks and we were trying to figure out when I would actually go down to her place. I don’t know my work schedule for around then, so we couldn’t set anything in stone. I’m hoping I can somehow get Saturday off too so I can go down Saturday and then leave Monday. But right now, I’ll be driving down Sunday and leaving Monday. Boo. But, I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle and that I be able to see my sister for more than just one evening.

Well… I’m off to read for a bit and then go to sleep. I have to be up early for work. Boo

Have a good one 🙂