(Just so you know, there are about a bajillion typos in this post… I usually am a great speller, but I am beyond tired right now and my brain and fingers don’t seem to be on the same page today. So, sorry for the grammar errors. For reals…)

I watched The Today Show for 2 hours and caught about 5 minutes of the Warblers on the show before I had to leave. I saw them sing “Hey Soul Sister,” but missed their “Raise Your Glass” performance. I’ll watch that soon. I LOVE how Darren Criss (who they kept calling Chris Warren for some reason…) still had on rainbow fingernail polish from this past weekend’s trip to Coachella. That boy is priceless.

I worked all day, then ran to Target. I got my Warblers CD, The King’s Speech and ended up buying all 6 seasons of Sex and the City (though I may return them…). Each season was only $10. That’s such a good deal!


I was so excited for Glee Tuesday. And now I’m just wishing it was next Tuesday already to make up for the meh episode that just finished.


So, “Night of Neglect”

You’d think that after a month (plus) hiatus, the writers would throw us a bone and give us an amazing episode. You’d think that… but it didn’t happen. At least for me.

First off, in the “Here’s what you missed on Glee” bit, there was no mention of Kurt or Blaine. That was my first clue that tonight’s episode was going to be Klaine-lite.

The show opened with Mr. Schue telling the kids they were going to need to raise $5,000 to pay for Nationals. And that they were going to do that by selling taffy. Right…

Artie, Brittany, Tina and Mike informed the rest of the group that their academic decathalon team also had advanced to a competition in Detroit, but that they couldn’t afford the trip ($250… what?!). So, Mr. Schue tells them that they all would raise money for both the glee club and the academic decathalon.

BTW – I love that Brittany is amazing at the academic decathalon. And I love that they bribed her with Dots. (True story – I was on the Academic Challenge team when I was a senior in high school… it was me and 5 guys. My three most memorable moments from being on Academic Challenge were that (1) our team missed a question about Anthony Minghella – I was on the sidelines during this round… I totally would have answered it correctly. (2) On one of the van rides to/from a competition, Enrique Iglasius’s “Hero” was playing on the radio, and one of the guys turned around in his seat and started faux-serenading me in a horrible Enrique accent. And (3) The guys would talk about girls a lot, so one time I point-blank asked them why they were all obsessed with talking about boobs and that shut them all up real fast. Academic Challenge was funs times… I liked being around those guys.)

Anyway, back to Glee. Ugh

Sue was mad that the glee kids advanced to Nationals, so obviously she wanted to tear them down a few pegs. She gathered her “League of Doom” – Vocal Adrenaline Coach Dustin Golsby (Cheyenne Jackson!!!), Sandy Ryerson, and Terri Schuester. Golsby = Sgt. Handsome. Ryerson = Pink Dagger. Terri = Honey Badger. Whatever. The best part of this scene was when Ryerson asked Golsby if he was gay, and then Ryerson called himself a “predatory gay”. And I laughed… because Stephen Toblowsky is amazing.

Back at Will’s place, he’s cooked Holly and himself a pizza. He tells her about the candy sale – lame-o. Holly suggests a benefit – a Night of Neglect. A fundraiser to perform songs by neglected artists to raise money for their trip to NYC. When Schue tells the kids this the next day, he explains that they’ll do work by artists whose brilliant work is not appreciated. Cue Rachel’s selfishness – “Oh, like me.” Bah

Sue and Sandy gather Jacob Ben Israel, Becky, and Azimo to form a hecklers club. (more on them later)

Meanwhile, Sunshine Corazon (remember Charice’s character allllll the way back from the season premiere?) asks the glee kids if she can sing at the fundraiser. The others call her a spy, but she informs them that she is neglected too… she’s smart, shirt and a self-proclaimed better singer than all of them. So, she says she’ll sing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” (which, Charice fans know she sings all the time… see David Foster’s Hit Man sequel. I love Charice… girl can SING. Her acting is not quite on-par with the other kids on the show, but she does have some of the best vocals, for sure.)

So, she SANGS and the kids watch in awe and applaud. Puck’s face was priceless, as per usual when he’s watching performances.

So, it’s decided that Sunshine will close the show. Mercedes is pissed, as she wanted to close the show. But, Rachel decided that Sunshine would, and that Rachel would sing before Sunshine. Mercedes walks away, looking sad. But don’t worry… Lauren Zizes to the rescue (?). Lauren tells Mercedes that she’ll be her manager b/c Mercedes needs to demand the RESPECT that she sang about in the series premiere. And commercial…

At this point, the show was 1/3 over and there was no mention/visual of Kurt. However, there was a brief mention of Vocal Adrenaline spy (and Rachel’s ex) Jesse St. James… and obsessed Glee fans like me already know that Jesse St. James will be back this season… yay for Jonathan Groff!!!!!!!!!!

So, we’re back from commercial to find Emma furiously scrubbing a table w/a toothbrush. Will walks in, and she tells him that Carl is gone and wants an annulment (since they never consummated the marriage…). She’s 32 years old and her OCD is getting the best of her. Girl is TIRED. She just looked so worn out/down. Will grabs her lunch, puts on plastic gloves, cleans off a grape and hands it over (all while Holly Holliday was watching… whoops). Will tells Emma that he’s there for her without judgement. And it looks like Wemma is back… which I’m fine with.

Cut to Mercedes being all diva-y and demanding a small barrel of green M&Ms, humidifiers and a fluffy puppy on which to dry her hands. And here’s where I continue to shake my head…

I like Mercedes. I like her singing voice. I like her being proud of who she is. I usually like her sass. But this diva attitude was too much for my liking. I know that it’s only for this episode, and that a life lesson was coming (more on that later…), but it was a big turn off for a character I usually love to bits.

Holly must have been subbing for history because she was dressed up like Wallace Simpson. I laughed out loud because I just bought The King’s Speech on DVD, and that person is a character in the movie 🙂

After class, Golsby struts in to seduce Holly. “Let’s cut to the sexy chase.” He goes on about how he’s super good looking (which, he totally is… j’adore Cheyenne Jackson), and how his hairline is 85% his own. Then he says that Will has tiny baby hands. Will walks in, and is a bit jealous. Dustin leaves. Will and Holly chat – she tells him she saw him with Emma (didn’t use names, but the implication was there, yo).

Back in diva land, Rachel shows Mercedes the M&Ms and humidifiers and tells them that Puck is out looking for a puppy.

(So, I was a loser and took notes during the episode so I would remember what to write… and at this point on my notes I wrote “Dumb ep. thus far.” I also wrote how we were halfway through the episode and there was no Klaine and how it’s crazy to go this long without addressing this entity.)

Speak of the devil… back from commercial break, we see Kurt and Blaine strolling the halls of McKinley. Looks like it’s the night of the benefit. Neither boy is in their Dalton uniform. This marks only the 2nd time we’ve seen Blaine sans blazer… boy was lookin’ good in his olive green coat. However, that gelled hair continues to kill me.

Brittany and Artie pass the boys and tell them they should get to the auditorium to see the show. They then thank the boys for coming as they leave (aw). As Kurt looks on with a bit of longing in his eyes, Blaine looks over to him and comments how Kurt misses them.

And then Karofsky shows up and asks what Blaine and Kurt are doing there. He gets all huffy about how the boys are spreading their fairy dust. Blaine tells him to stop it and says that the three of them all know what’s going on (while Santana is watching in the background…). Dave tells Blaine, “You don’t know squat, butt-boy.” Blaine shoves Karofsky, and Karofsky shoves back (Darren Criss is such a tiny hobbit compared to Max Adler…) when Santana strolls up and breaks them up.

Karofsky tells her this isn’t her business. She says it is her business since he gave her a slushy facial (which we saw at the opening of the show). She tells him that he needs to stop, or she’ll crack one of his nuts “right or left, that’s your choice”). She also says that she has razor blades hidden in her hair. This was probably the best moment of the whole show.

Karofsky leaves and Blaine tells her that he and Kurt could have handled it themselves. She says that it was more fun doing that together. I really, really hope that Kurt, Blaine and Santana all become good friends (esp. because Santana is struggling with her sexuality now, since she professed her love of Brittany in “Sexy”).

Blaine and Kurt take their seats in the auditorium, which is empty except for them, and the heckling club. (Sunshine said she was going to have her 620 Twitter followers come, but through dialogue, we find that she tweeted she wasn’t going to be performing at the fundraiser, so none of her people showed up).

Tina is the first to perform. She launches into “I Follow Rivers” and is quickly booed off stage. Kurt and Blaine are awestruck by the booing of the rest of the “audience,” and Tina cries in the choir room. Poor girl 😦

So, Quinn and co. pass out taffy to the hecklers… as they can’t heckle while they chew.

Mike Chang dances to “Bubble Toes” (Harry Shum is an AMAZING dancer) and Klaine cheer him on and applaud his performance.

Back in the choir room, Mercedes refuses to go on and leaves. Her manager claims that “Mercedes has left the building”. Oy, drama. Unnecessary drama.

Holly offers to go deal with the haters. (Life Lesson time!)

Holly talks to Becky, Jacob and Azimo about their heckling. Azimo (bless his heart) goes on NCIS and CSI chatrooms to hate on those shows. Holly comments how technology allows people to be cruel without face-to-face consequences. She says that we live in a culture of insults and we also live in a culture where we are bombarded with images of other people who seem to have perfect lives, etc… However, with technology, there is hardly any ramification of insults. People are comfortable with insensitivity. Holly admits that she used to send hate mail to Debbie Gibson, but says that it was because she was jealous that Gibson could fill a mall with adoring fans. Holly then says we should lift the world instead of jeering others.

[As much as I am not a huge fan of preachy television… I thought this was a really important message. We as a society are so used to tearing others down that we don’t really stop to think of the consequences of our actions. Just because we can’t see the person we are making negative comments about, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect him/her. I know I say/type negative things sometimes. It’s not polite, but I do it. Everyone does it. But that doesn’t make it okay. I have tried to make a conscious effort to not be so negative. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t. I will try harder.]

Meanwhile, Rachel finds Mercedes in Mercedes’ car where Mercedes tells her, “My demands were not met.” Rachel then launches into one of her best speeches ever and tells Mercedes how Aretha Franklin earned her R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Mercedes tearfully asks Rachel why Rachel is the bigger star between the two of them, “Why is it never me?” Rachel admits that she (Rachel) would rather be a star than be liked, whereas Mercedes cares about being liked. Mercedes usual niceness is really what does set them apart. So, Rachel tells Mercedes that Mercedes needs to *take* that closing spot of the show.

Back in the auditorium, Blaine and Kurt walk back to their seats. Sandy is making mean comments. Blaine tells him as he passes that he (Sandy) is a horrible person. (Oh, Blaine)

Holly gets up on stage and sings Adele’s “Turning Tables“. The lyrics alone are proof enough that Will and Holly are bouts to be over. (Note to self – Adele’s music is amazing… I need to listen to more of her records and not just the few songs that have been on the radio.)

Sue confronts Sandy at the water fountain and tell shim that the other hecklers have gone in Jacob’s car (his license plate is “JEWFRO” … and I love him all the more for that). Sandy tells Sue that he’ll do better and then gives us his new catch phrase, “You’ve just been poked. Poked by the Dagger.” (Aw, Sandy)

Mercedes comes back to the choir room and tells the other kids that they need to get out in the auditorium and listen to her sing. And SING she does… Aretha’s “Ain’t No Way“. Sandy’s initial reaction is, “Oh dear God, I love this song.” And we have ourselves a Mercedes fan…

Girl KILLS the song. There is a gospel choir (J’adore gospel choirs. I love it when songs take you to CHURCH) and girl just SANGS that song like she needed to sing for her life. There are cuts to reaction shots of the others… Kurt and Blaine’s jaws are open and their eyes look a bit glassy. Music moves people.

Blaine and Kurt are down toward the front of the theater w/the other New Directions kids except for Rachel, who is standing in one of the stage’s wings. The lyrics to this song, like the lyrics to “Turning Tables” are chock-full of life lessons and plot points. Well played, music producers.

As Mercedes sings, Sandy sings along… he is a changed man.

After her song, Mercedes approaches Rachel and tells her that she can close the show now. In a rare moment of generosity, Rachel declines and says “*That* was the closing.”

Later in the hallway, Holly gets off the phone to tell Will that she got a gig teaching French in Cleveland. Will is sad, “Don’t you have any feelings about leaving?” Holly does, but doesn’t… it’s not her style. She tells Will that he’s too nice for her. She also tells him that he’s in love with someone else, and that someone else is into him too (Emma, yo). And with that, Will and Holly go their separate ways. Will Holly be back? I’m thinking yes… but who knows.

And finally, back in the choir room, Sandy offers to pay for the kid’s trips to Detroit and Nationals with his drug money. (He sells medical marijuana.) Sue is mad at him for this… to which he says, “Aretha is my Kryptonite”.

So, Sgt. Handsome and Pink Dagger have failed Sue’s League of Doom. As she calls upon Honey Badger, the screen goes to black. So, I guess we’ll see Terri next week. Boo.

Next week’s episode, “Born This Way” is 90 minutes long. The promo was anti-climactic. Well, it was anti-climactic for me because I already knew all of this info from various Glee fansites… They showed a bit of the flash mob of “Barbra Streisand” and Kurt announcing that “Kurt Hummel is back at McKinley!” But there was no mention of the Warblers or Blaine… or Karofsky. I am looking forward to this episode because the Warblers sing “Somewhere Only We Know,” there is a huge group number to “Born This Way” and Kurt is back at McKinley. I am interested to see how he comes to that decision and how it affects him and Blaine’s relationship. I’m also looking forward to Kurt’s non-Dalton clothes. I missed his fashion.

And, that’s is… this episode did not wow the pants off of me like I hoped it would. That was a LONG hiatus and I just don’t feel like this episode was worth the 5 week wait. But, next week’s episode best bring it.


I’m tired. So I’m gonna read and watch the Warblers stuff I missed from earlier.

Have a good one