So, right now I’m listening to the Glee Cast version of Born This Way… so far j’adore it. 🙂 I cannot friggin’ WAIT until next week’s episode.

Anyway, I had a pseudo-productive day. I spent a good chunk of the day fixing the formatting errors on my thesis, as pointed out by the Thesis and Dissertation people at OU. It took me freakin’ longer than it should have to figure out how to set tabs for the Table of Contents page. I remember learning how to do that in my Journalism graphics class last winter, but I didn’t remember what I was supposed to do on the computer. I tried digging through my stuff from grad school, but I couldn’t find my graphics notes. However, I’m thinking that I might not even have the notes to begin with… See, in our graphics class, our professor would hand out packets of information with all of the shortcuts and keystrokes we were to use, but then he would collect them when the lesson was over. So, even though the information was super important, we weren’t really allowed to take the information out of the classroom. That was a strange class, as I do recall.

Besides formatting shenanigans, I re-watched almost all of Little White Lie during breakfast and lunch. I saw it a few months ago when I was first getting into StarKid, but hadn’t watched it since. I like some of the music from the series and bought that on Amazon, but I just hadn’t watched the actual show in awhile. It was good to rewatch it… especially because I might be seeing some of those same StarKid people next month on the DigiTour 🙂

Also, I was in a Darren Criss kinda mood because today was his Livestream.

I have never watched a Livestream of anything before, and I didn’t think I would have time to watch any of his, since it was right before I had to go to work. But, I budgeted my time wisely and so I did end up having time to plant myself in front of my computer for an hour and watch what I could of his Livestream (I stopped watching when he was singing “Granger Danger,” so hopefully I can find the rest of the stream online somewhere…)

Here is my epic monologue about Darren Criss:

If anything, watching this Livestream has made me a bigger Darren Criss fan than I already am. I of course do not know him personally, but I have seen a bunch of interviews and press over the past few months. He seems really grounded and down to earth. Someone I would want to be friends with. The whole time, it was him sitting behind a keyboard (sometimes with a guitar), just talking to himself and at the camera. He was funny, charming, self-deprecating, silly, serious, and everything in between. He talked about himself, he talked about stuff he was passionate about. He sang. He called people. He answered questions. It was a very informative and highly entertaining event.

During the hour I watched, he called 3 different people. While he was goofy and charming, none of the people he talked with seemed even remotely exciting that they were talking to Darren Criss. Those girls submitted their phone numbers… they should have known what they were getting into. If I got the chance to talk to Darren Criss on the phone for a couple minutes, I would be super happy and grateful. None of those girls sounded happy. And that girl from England did not seem grateful at all…

The girl on the phone in England flat out told Darren that he best not forget about his StarKid fans and people who have been fans of his since before Glee. While on the phone with her and after, Darren addressed this concern (as he has in prior interviews) and let everyone know that he is still the same person he is now as he was then – as in, he hasn’t forgotten about where he came from and he’s not about to brush aside StarKid for Glee.

While Glee was my first introduction to Darren Criss, I have since become a huge fan of StarKid and the other actors in the company. I think it’s a bit rude and close-minded of people who think that they are somehow better because they were aware of Darren Criss before the rest of society. To me, if you are a fan of someone and believe in their work, then the more people that know about and support that person, the better. In my opinion, the people who love StarKid but have shunned Glee are missing out on the great work that Darren has done in the past few months. He’s become a beloved character on an established show. He’s topped Billboard charts (and is now gracing the cover of Billboard magazine…), has a whole CD out of songs he’s sang on Glee, *and* he’s still very much an active part of StarKid. He said it himself in the Livestream today – he was writing and working on Starship songs while acting on Glee.

I just think it’s so bizarre of a sect of fans to be so possessive over a person, when he is working his ass off to divide his time among all the various Glee and StarKid (and other) projects.

As a Darren Criss fan, I was just thankful that he was willing to give up an hour or so of his time to do the Livestream. It was a way for him to connect with fans and share the various musical aspects of his career. He’s a very, very talented person. And the fact that he’s so grateful and thankful for his fans just makes it all the better. He doesn’t appear to be taking any of his successes for granted. He just seems like a super grounded and humble person. If I ever had the opportunity to meet this guy, I would just thank him for the work he’s done and for being a kind, and good person. With the amount of press and exposure he’s been getting lately, it would be really easy for him to turn into a dick. But he hasn’t, and I doubt he will, because he seems to be super grounded and very aware that what has happened to his career does not just happen everyday.

I am happy for him. He deserves all of the attention he is getting. It is earned.

(end monologue)

Well, I’m tired… I worked tonight and then drove home through the rain. Boo. I have a couple days off, so I’m looking forward to watching some movies and getting more thesis stuff moving forward.

Have a good one