It’s mighty gray out tonight… we’re watching the news right now and it looks like some rain storms are heading our way. Any time it’s going to storm, I automatically think of Hagrid’s quote from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

Rubeus Hagrid: It’s changing out there. Just like last time. There’s a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she does.


Today is my little brother’s birthday. He turned 25… makes me feel old. My brother also makes me think of Harry Potter… not only because he’s the one who introduced me to the franchise, but because my mom always calls him “my boy” (as in her boy, not *my* boy…). And (even though it’s very wrong of us), my brother and I always mock Cedric Diggory’s dad and go “My boooooooooooooooooooooooy“.

I love my brother and was glad I got a chance to chat with him today. He saw Scream 4 last night and we had a rousing conversation about the Scream franchise (I’ve not yet seen Scream 4). We always have good movie chats. Over the years, he’s come to appreciate the semiotics of film (my words, not his).

Today was a fairly busy day, besides chatting with my brother about movies.

My parents had been out of town for a few days, so I had some chores to get done before they got back this afternoon.

After feeding the fish and the dogs, I had some cold pizza for breakfast while I watched the first couple episodes of Little White Lie (for some reason, I started watching the show at Episode 3 yesterday instead of from the beginning… whoops). I then watched some Charlene Kaye/Darren Criss music videos while I was finishing my soda (yes, I had soda with my breakfast… I usually have tea, but I just was not feeling it this morning).

While I was chugging my last sip, I noticed there was some sort of large bird underneath our “professional birding station” (i.e. the elaborate bird feeders in our backyard). At first I thought it was a hawk, so I crept up to the window to get a better look. It wasn’t a hawk – it was a pheasant. I’ve seen pheasants before, but not out in nature like this. So, I grabbed my cell phone and tried to take a couple pictures of it as it was eating and then walking to our neighbor’s backyard. I then called my mom to tell her the news (she and my dad keep a list of the various species of birds that have been seen in our yard). She and my dad thought my pheasant sighting was pretty cool… but she saw a loon yesterday, so that trumped my pheasant story. (Loons are my mom’s favorite bird…)

After my Wild America moment, I brought my stuff from the main floor of the house back down to my room. Then, I came back upstairs to play with the dogs and clean up their toys. I then went on my computer so I could upload some songs onto my iPod. While that was happening, I emailed my thesis chair and re-sent him a copy of my thesis draft. I sent him my draft last Wednesday, but hadn’t heard from him since, so I just wanted to make sure he got it. I’m sure he did get it the first time, but just to be on the safe side, I sent it again. In the email, I also stressed that I really need to graduate in June. I paid $450+ to be registered for my thesis credit and graduation this quarter… I cannot afford to do that again in the fall. That’s too much money.

After computer shenanigans, I took my iPod to the kitchen to listen to my new playlists (hello new Glee music for next week’s episode and all the songs from Darren Criss’s livestream yesterday…) while I washed dishes. I was singing “Born This Way” like my life depended on it… and one of my dog’s was okay with that, while the other one ran in and then started prancing around my feet because I was paying more attention to the music than to her.

Of all the songs from Darren’s livestream yesterday, his song, “Status Quo,” from the upcoming StarKid release Starship was my absolute favorite. I think I’ve listened to that song probably 30+ times today. It’s got really great lyrics and an uber catchy melody. I can’t wait to see Starship – it premieres on Youtube on April 30th 🙂 And hopefully, the StarKids will sing some stuff from Starship during the Digitour next month. “Status Quo” is so great, and I’m assuming the other songs will be just as awesome. I really like Darren’s version, but I’m also very much looking forward to hearing Joey Ricther’s version too!!

Post-dishes, I played some Wii Dance on Broadway. I was determined to beat some of my mom’s scores before she got home… and I did. I now have the high score on “Luck Be a Lady” and “One Night Only”. Woot woot!

After dancing up a storm (I played for 45 minutes… I tried to beat “Bend and Snap” and “All That Jazz,” but to no avail), I let the dogs outside and gave them treats before I made myself some lunch.

I made myself some organic pasta stars in sauce (a.k.a. star-shaped spaghetti-os). They weren’t 5-point stars, though… they were totally Star of David shaped. I laughed and thought of my grandfather 🙂

During lunch, I started watching The Wiz. I have never seen this movie before, but was interested in watching it in honor of the late Sidney Lumet (plus, I love me some Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and the story of The Wizard of Oz). I only got 1/2 hour in, but I’m liking it thus far. It’s kinda dark…

I decided that instead of just watching people sing, that I should partake too. So, I turned off the movie and put in one of my Glee karaoke games for awhile. I stopped after awhile when I realized I still had some stuff to do before my parents got home.

I had the dogs come outside with me when I put more corn and seed out for the critters that visit our backyard. I threw in some laundry and then was going to try and catch up on some TV I’ve missed in the past few weeks (I’m 2 shows behind on HIMYM, 1 behind on Modern Family, 1 behind on Parks and Rec, and 1 behind on Happy Endings). But, as I sat down to my computer, my mom called and said they were 10 minutes away! So, TV will have to wait 🙂

The dogs were super happy to see my parents, as was I, of course. We had some pizza for dinner and now are getting ready to watch American Idol, Bones and 30 Rock.

I have off tomorrow, and I think I’ll help my mom with errands. Also, Darren Criss and the Warblers are on Ellen, so I’ll be watching that too 🙂

Have a good one!!