Happy Easter to you (if you are someone who celebrates this holiday… if you don’t celebrate Easter, well then I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!)

I stayed up way later than I should have last night (I was *this close* to finishing something I was reading, so I stayed up to finish it…). So, when I woke up this morning and the sun was shining in my window, I was fairly sure I had successfully slept in.

Nope. It was 7:22 am.

Oh well…

I got up, wished my parents a Happy Easter and we had breakfast. Because it was a holiday, my mom made a mini Yeast Beast (I don’t know what the official name of it is, but it’s a breakfast dish made with thawed out frozen rolls, brown sugar, butter, butterscotch pudding powder and nuts… it is delightful).

After breakfast and some Wii Sports, we talked to my sister on the phone. My mom is visiting her this week, and I am visiting her next week. It turns out I can be there more days than I originally thought, so we were trying to plan some stuff I could do when I was there. My sister is conducting some concert, so I will see that. Then I’m gonna force her to watch some StarKid stuff before we go to the Digitour concert on the 8th.

After we hung up, my mom and I went out to the garage to play ping pong since the weather was so nice. We played 3 different times today… probably a total of 5 or 6 hours of ping pong. She won every game but one. But, that’s a lot better that I did last summer, so I was okay with it. We listened to Glee music the whole time… it was wonderful.

My mom and I get super competitive. So, it was a super intense day of ping pong. We were also both really tired, so we were saying some random stuff that the other person found incredibly funny. I can’t type out most of the stuff, as it was a “you had to be there” situation, but lots of laughs were had over my mom’s adding skills, me saying “I’m a wizard, Harry,” and me yelling “SHUCK!” really loudly. (I curse like a sailor… so you can use your imagination to figure out the two words I accidentally combined to come up with “shuck.”)

In between ping pong, I helped my mom set the table for Easter lunch. It was delicious… turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and broccoli. I don’t know why our stuffing is soooooooooo good (it’s literally just bread, celery, chicken stock and spices), but it just is. YUM YUM YUM

After lunch was more ping pong. We took a break for some angel food cake and to sit out on the deck (since the weather was gorgeous). The dogs were outside with us… they like laying out in the sun.

We played more ping pong and now we’re getting ready to watch the Amazing Race. I am bonkers tired, so I will likely pack it in very early tonight (or at least try to). I still have a couple shows to catch up on, but I might just wait until tomorrow. Who knows…

Have a good one.