I’m only halfway kidding about this… but not really.

My mom is leaving tomorrow morning to go visit my sister for a few days, so I’ll be here with my dad. I spent all last summer with him and survived, so I know I can handle four days.

We’re sitting here watching Christian Slater’s show while we wait for Happy Endings to start at 9:00. My dad is making all sorts of bad jokes and whatnot… you know, the usual.

I love my dad 🙂

Plus, I’ll be at work most of Thursday and Friday… and so will he. So everyone’s a winner here.

I had a mostly uneventful day.

I did wake up in time to see the president’s mini-press conference while I was eating breakfast. I think it is bonkers ridiculous for people to question the president’s place of birth. I mean, surely he’s been confirmed a US citizen by this point, since he made it this far in our federal government. Donald Trump (and others who questioned Obama’s birth place) have wasted soooooooo much time with this ridiculous birth certificate witch hunt. I applaud the president for calling out the media and the people who have kept focus on birth certificate issues instead of the much MUCH bigger problems/issues our country is facing. We’re in multiple wars, our economy is still pretty horrendous compared to what it has been in the past, and the budget is still way out of whack. Not to mention health care, gas prices, lack of wage increases to deal with the crap economy/high gas prices… To me, this is all waaaaaaaay more important than if Obama was born in Hawaii… which he was. OF COURSE.

After that, I spent the rest of the day puttering around my room. I got rid of a bunch of clutter on my dresser. I went through all of my shoes and gave 3 pairs to my mom. I bought last night’s episode of Glee and uploaded it onto my iPod so I can watch Chris Colfer sing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” as many times as I want until the end of time. I packed up a bag of sweaters that I know I likely won’t be needing (even though it flurried a bit today). I put all my dirty clothes into one pile so I can do laundry on Saturday. I put all the stuff I need to return in one area so I can deal with that (maybe also on Saturday…).

What I really wanted/needed to be working on is my thesis, but I haven’t received my notes from my professor yet. If I don’t get them tomorrow, I will be contacting him Friday morning to see what the deal is with that. I wanted to have my edits done by the very beginning of May so that I could send my paper the rest of my committee and figure out when I’m going to defend this thing. I am running out of time and stuff needs to start happening. I hate not having all of this completely under control – I hate relying on other people like this.


I also finished watching What’s Up, Doc? today. I laughed so hard, even though I’ve seen the movie before and I knew what was coming 🙂 But it’s just such a great screwball comedy – I love it! I would actually like to adapt this movie into an updated version… I have a few ideas of how it could be tweaked to fit the present day. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to actually type this out, but I think it would be a fun project if I ever had free time.

Two minutes until Happy Endings, so I’ll finish this later…

… okay, Happy Endings is over (God, I love this show! Max is my favorite character 🙂 )

So, American Idol was pretty awesome tonight. I grew up on Carole King’s music (both the songs she sang and the songs she wrote), so I was familiar with almost all of the songs that the contestants sang tonight. My absolute favorite performance of the night was James Durbin singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.

It was, in a word, perfect. I love his voice. I love his stage presence. I love his musicianship. The boy can sing and he OWNED that stage. I used to want Casey to win this season, but I am now 100% behind James. He has always delivered a solid performance, he always looks like he’s having the best time, and every time he sings it’s like he’s singing at one of his own shows. I really, really hope he keeps getting voted through because he deserves to win this thing.

Well… I should get going. Hafta be up early to take care of the dogs before I go to work. I’m working until 5 tomorrow… booooooooo. But, then I get to see my dogs and hang out with my dad tomorrow night. So, it’ll be fine.

Have a good one!

[P.S. So, while I was brushing my teeth, I rewatched the “Somewhere Only We Know” and “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from last night’s episode of Glee. And while some of the more literal visual cues in AIWNSG are a bit overdone (the cardboard trees and painted scenes, and then him sitting at the makeup mirrors – oy), I really appreciate the cut to Rachel when Kurt sings the line “So watch me fly, we all know I can do it…” because it’s such a great nod to their “Defying Gravity” diva-off from Season One. 🙂 I could seriously watch these two song sequences from last night’s show on repeat for all eternity.]