So, I basically worked all day.

The end.

Seriously, though… I got up around 7 to feed the dogs and let them outside. I sucked down a mug of tea (scratchy throat, yo) while I watched the news. Or, rather, I had GMA on, but they just keep talking about the Royal Wedding. I mean, yay for William and Kate, but I’m not waking up at 3 am tomorrow morning to watch their wedding.

I drove to work for 9:35 and then worked my ass off until I left at 5. I was super busy the whole day. And busy is good… it made the time go by quicker. But I was by myself for a few hours this morning and I was trying to help people and field phone calls and it got to be a bit much at times.

But, I had a bunch of people tell me that I made their day and that I was really helpful, so that made me feel pretty good about myself 🙂 It’s nice getting to make other people happy.

I also found out today that my manager is no longer working at my workplace. But, as much as I did not see eye to eye with my manager at times, the circumstances in which my manager is no longer working at my workplace seem very shady. So, I feel a bit bad about the whole situation. But, there is nothing I can do about it. And hopefully I won’t be working at my workplace much longer, as I still intend to graduate in June.

That’s becoming slightly less probable, since I have yet to get editing notes for my thesis from my thesis chair yet. He said he was going to read my paper last weekend and send notes on Monday. If he mailed something Monday, you’d think I would have it by now. Time is running out. I need those notes as soon as possible, so I can edit my paper and send it to my thesis committee soon so then they can read it and I can defend it.

So, later tonight I will be sending an email to my thesis chair and I will call him tomorrow morning (it’s already 9 pm in OH… not the best time to call my professor’s office, since he won’t be there…).

I have this whole weekend off, so I was seriously hoping I’d have my notes by now so I could edit. I only have 3 days off before I leave for Kansas next weekend. I need to get this shit done. Now.

(Awwwwwwwwww… Casey just got kicked off of Idol 😦 I think it’s because he sang a jazz number, and the whole of America doesn’t get jazz. I don’t really get jazz, but I liked Casey a lot.)

Well, now I’ll watch Bones, Parks and Rec and 30 Rock… then I’ll catch up on some reading and go to sleep. Ah, sleep.

I gotta work tomorrow… boo. But then the weekend off (hopefully to EDIT! and watch Starship!!!!!!!!)

Have a good one