(btw before I start typing about my day, some small animal just tried to crawl it’s way through my window. My heart is racing… bah)

So, I totally stayed up past midnight last night so I could buy the soundtrack to Starship before I even saw it. I was just too excited to go to sleep – that’s how much of a dork I am. You can get it on iTunes or Amazon… it’s only $8.91 for the whole album. šŸ™‚

I did manage to get to sleep and then woke up around 7:30. It was raining and continued to do so until 3:00 or so. As much as this rain sucked, it is absolutely nothing compared to the horrific weather and natural disasters that have been plaguing the south east part of the US šŸ˜¦ I cannot imagine what it feels like to have experienced that sort of turmoil. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by these horrible tornadoes and storms.

(the animal is still trying to get into my room… I’m too scared to get up out of bed to see what it is)

My dad took me out to breakfast (Panera bagels are God’s food… we don’t keep bagels around the house anymore b/c they have too many carbs [my dad is diabetic and has to watch his carb intake all the time], so I totally got a bagel this morning. It tasted like heaven. My people love bagels… my genetics determined before I was born that I too would love bagels. And I do…). We then went to the Fleet Farm to get the oil changed in my car, and some stuff my dad needed for the boat his park just received.

We drove home and I stayed with the dogs and had lunch while my dad went out to look at other boats with a friend of his. (With so many lakes in this state, there is always need for boats. We have a canoe and a kayak, and access to another boat… good thing we’re all accustomed to being out on the water.)

I played with my dogs and watched an episode of My So Called Life. I just started watching the series a few days ago, so I’m only a couple episodes in. I think I’m a little too old for the target audience, but it’s a show I had always meant to watch, so I’m just getting to it now.

I am still waiting for notes from my thesis chair so I can edit my paper before I send it to the other members of my committee. It was going on 1:30 and I knew the mailman wasn’t going to come for another hour or so at least, so I opted to run some errands to kill time while my laundry was drying. I returned some shoes at DSW and then all of those Sex and the City DVDs I bought the other day at Target. I got home and folded clothes, and by that time, my dad was back.

We started watching Escape from New York, but we both fell asleep in our respective chairs. I woke up around 4:30 and played with the dogs, fed them dinner and let them outside. By this time, the mail had come, but there were no notes from my professor.

I started to cry, but only for a bit.

I am just beyond frustrated. My professor told me he’d send the notes Monday. Which meant I should have gotten them by Thursday or Friday at the latest. I don’t think he’s sent them yet. I think this because I sent him multiple emails this week regarding the status of said notes and he hasn’t gotten back to me. BUT, the other two members of my committee did get back to me within mere hours when I sent them all an email inquiring the date/time of my thesis defense.

Since there isn’t anything I can do about my thesis chair right this second, I will wait until tomorrow morning to shoot him another email – there will be no pleasantries. I will be firm and in control. I will express my epic discontent with this whole process. I tried to change thesis chairs, but he kept me with him because from our conversations, he made it sound like he was going to work with me so I would graduate on time. I sent him my materials with far more time than the 2 weeks it is customary to have a professor read the paper. I have also already expressed my need to graduate on time because I cannot financially extend this thesis process to another quarter. I’ve already paid over $450 in order to graduate in June. I cannot just absorb that cost and shell out another $450 in the fall because my professor was not responsible enough to answer my emails or get back to me in the timely manner that he should.

And I just KNOW that he’s going to tell me that he took so long because my writing is so bad and my editing skills are nonexistent. I can just FEEL this line coming my way.

You know why I went to journalism school? SO I COULD LEARN HOW TO BECOME A BETTER WRITER. You know what skill I did not get at journalism school? HOW TO BE A BETTER WRITER.

I’m just really pissy right now and upset.

I am overwhelmed with stress – so much so that my eye has started twitching on a regular basis and my tension headaches are back with a vengeance.

I am trying to plan how I’m going to be able to finish on time. Because I’m leaving Friday morning for Kansas, I don’t have a lot of time to work on my paper this week… especially because (1) I still don’t have the notes back from my professor, so I don’t have any idea what needs editing/my attention and (2) I’m working 9-5/5:30 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This leaves only Tuesday to really work on my paper… and I won’t be able to do that unless I get my notes on Monday. AND, I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen.

SO, I think I will try and get Thursday off from work. Hopefully I will have my notes by then. Hopefully I can find someone to cover my shift. If not, then I’ll just call in and suffer the consequences – that will count against my sales goals for the day, it’ll look bad on my record, and that’ll be $50 that I won’t earn because I won’t be working. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I am beyond pissed off, but I am not in control of my professor’s time table, as much as I have told him about the schedule I need to be keeping.

God, I am so tired right now, but I know I will have trouble sleeping because of all this stress šŸ˜¦ Booooooooooo

Besides all this shitty school stuff, the rest of my day was fine. Dinner with my dad was fun. Then we came home and watched Casino Royale, my favorite James Bond movie. (I saw it twice in theaters, and probably have seen it 15+ times on DVD…). After that, I watched the first five parts of Act 1 of STARSHIP!!!!!!!

I really wanted to stay up and watch the whole thing, but I will watch the rest of it tomorrow. Instead of watching it on my computer, I’m watching it in the living room through our Blu-ray player… everything looks better on a ginormous flat-screen TV than my computer screen. So, I’ll finish watching it tomorrow since I SURE AS SHIT WON’T BE EDITING MY THESIS.

Sorry… I’m frustrated.

Anyway, I am LOVING Starship, just based off of the five parts I watched already!

I’m so happy for the StarKid people for their great work… I am really impressed with the puppets!

Starship is available on DVD, which I will totally be getting soon!!

Anyway, I should try and sleep.

Have a good one