Well, I didn’t get any notes from my professor in the mail today. I’m going to wait until tomorrow morning to check my email to see if he responded to the one I wrote yesterday, just because I don’t want to read something upsetting tonight and end up crying myself to sleep tonight. It’s not like it would matter if he wrote me anything today anyway – I just got home from work and it’s almost 7 here, which means it’s almost 8 in Ohio… and no professor is in his office at 8.

Really all I did today was work – I had work from 9:45-5:30. I had an astronomical sales goal, which I was no where close to meeting, so that’ll look bad on my weekly stats. I did keep pretty busy the whole day, and got to work with a few of my favorite colleagues, so that made time go by quickly.

After work I had to go to the bank to deposit something and try and get a few bucks out for my trip. The ATM was messed up and it froze a bunch of times… so the ATM thought I wanted to take over $240,000,000 out of my account by time all was said and done. And I do NOT have that kind of money. I will NEVER have that kind of money. So I cancelled that transaction and tried again… only to have the exact same thing happen again. I was curing at the machine when a woman came around to lock the bank doors. I’m sure she heard me mutter obscenities at the bank machine, but I don’t even care. I was so tired and super frustrated and just wanted to get home already.

When I got home, my mom had made lasagna – it was soooooooooooooooooooooo good. My mom is a good cook. Like sooooo good.

Right now I’m watching some show called River Monsters with my dad until DWTS starts up in about 15 minutes. Mom and I will watch Dancing Show (that’s what we call it) and then Castle. I need to catch up on some shows from last week, so I’ll do that later tonight.

And really, that’s it for the day. I worked. And since I don’t have any notes yet to edit my paper (grrrrrr), I’ll spend tonight watching TV. I might even go to a movie tomorrow morning… and/or help my mom with some errands.

Have a good one