Well, before I delve into tonight’s episode of Glee, I shall give you a quick re-cap of my mostly uneventful day.

I got up and started rewatching Starship while I ate breakfast (cold pizza and orange once again… I’m telling you, breakfast of champions). My mom had to run some errands, so I went with her.

We ran to Target for some soda (for my trip) and some stuff my dad, then Panera and Michaels. My mom was in need of a new banner for the front of our house, and we could not find one anywhere. We tried Wal-Mart (nope), but then found success at Menards. She also got a bunch of flowers, because my mom and dad love gardening and we found some sweet deals.

We got home and played with the dogs outside for a bit, then played some Wii Sports until my dad came home for lunch. He was getting his park’s boat detailed, so he had to drop it off. After he left again, I went down to my room to check my email. Surprise, surprise… nothing from my professor. I have decided that if I don’t hear from him tomorrow, I will go ahead and send the other members of my committee the latest version of my thesis draft that I have. That way, they can get started reading my paper while I deal with not hearing back from my thesis chair. I wonder if anyone else in the program has ever had this much trouble trying to get their work finished? If I knew I was going to have this seemingly impossible time getting my stuff read and done, I would have done oh so much stuff differently. Starting with having a different thesis chair… holy hell.

Alas. I will get through this. And I will be a better person for it.

(Needless to say, I didn’t get any notes in the mail today either. I have 2 more days before I leave town. I pray to everything that is holy that I get the notes before I leave town. If I have to work on my thesis at my sister’s place, so be it.)

I had the brilliant idea this afternoon to paint my nails. I used to paint my nails a different color once a week, but I stopped last summer because (A) most of my nail polish was packed away (B) my nails were a wreck from the constant application and removal processes (C) I wasn’t sure if prospective employers would enjoy my rainbow nails. But, I was in need of some color right now, so my nails are now painted “Rockstar Pink”. It’s basically pink (with flecks of blue, gold and purple) glitter. My nails look fake, but I assure you they are not. Just super sparkly.

And really, that was the extent of my day. I couldn’t work on school stuff. I helped with errands. I played with dogs. The end.

Oh, and I watched Glee… of course

Glee – “Rumors”


So, tonight’s episode revolved around “Rumors” – both hearsay and the Fleetwood Mac album of the same name. Now, I’m not a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, but I am familiar with a lot of their songs. (Of the 6 songs from tonight’s show, I knew all but 1.) The main jist of tonight’s episode was the power and destruction of rumors. Sue Sylvester re-started McKinley’s newspaper, “The Muckraker” in order to get rumors and misinformation flying about the school. Her main objective was to get Mr. Schue out of the school… trying to get him to join April Rhodes on the Great White Way in her upcoming broadway show about her life story.

Instead of rehashing out the entire episodes plots, let’s go through the story lines as they revolved around the 6 songs from the episode (well, 7, if you include April Rhodes’s song from her upcoming Broadway show…)

1. “Dreams” – So, April Rhodes is back. Her all-white production of The Wiz tanked, so she was back in OH to convince Will to help her write an autobiographical musical. As April shamelessly flirted with Will, all he could think/talk about was how the glee kids were so wrapped up in rumors and gossip that it was tearing them apart. April commented how the kids were “Mac-ing” it up (as in, Fleetwood Mac). So, she came into class to sing “Dreams” with Will. I love Kristin Chenoweth, so I was glad to see her back on the show. This was a good duet, but I’m glad that April and Will aren’t going to become any sort of item. And I’m glad that April realized that Will would never leave the Glee kids to go with her and her show to NYC. It was good to see Mr. Schue get all worked up over his mixed feelings about wanting to bring the kids to Nationals and also wanting to pursue his dreams of being on Broadway. Mr. Schue needs to stay at McKinley, even if his plot lines are some of my least favorite on the show.

2. “Never Going Back Again” – This was the song I was totally unfamiliar with. Artie confronted Brittany about her involvement with Santana. Props to Artie for calling Brittany out on this, but un-props to Artie for calling Brittany stupid. I mean, she is, but Artie had always looked past that. I feel the writers made him say this out of a shear moment of frustration with her ignorance, but hopefully the two of them will patch things up. I like Artie and Brittany together. I also liked how Puck showed up practically out of nowhere to stand right behind Artie in the hallway when Artie started singing this song. Puck is my absolute favorite character to watch during group scenes because he is always good for a laugh.

3. “Songbird” – Naya done KILLED this song. Girl can sing. And I’m so glad she’s been getting more songs since the end of last season. I think the Santana/Brittany relationship is one of the more interesting plot points this season has brought us. For being such a confrontational and tough girl, Santana is really struggling with being open and honest about her feelings for Brittany. She told Brittany (yay for her), but she’s still not comfortable outing herself to the rest of the glee club/school/herself yet. Brittany was going to have Santana on her internet show (“Fondue for Two” – hilarious) and they were going to discuss their feelings and Brittany was going to ask Santana to prom, but Santana didn’t show. And she’s still spreading her own rumors that she and Karofsky are still together/going strong. I’m eager to see Santofsky during Prom next week…

4. “I Don’t Want to Know” – Finn and Quinn’s first duet, and man was that awkward/full of animosity. I can see why Quinn doesn’t want Rachel and Finn to duet anymore. But it is a bit selfish to put her relationship before the good of the glee club … I mean, Mr. Schue should be the one in charge of who sings what and with who at Nationals. But we’ll see about that. I actually liked Quinn’s vocals on this song. (I’m usually not so impressed with her singing… sorry!) But I dug this duet.

5. “Go Your Own Way” – One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. I thought Lea Michele knocked this one out of the park somethin’ fierce. I also liked that Rachel had Finn playing the drums… though it was a bit of a bitchy move on her part, I like that she’s fighting for what she wants. Even if it is a temporary losing battle. (I still think Finchel is endgame, though.) Rachel and Finn were quite the team during this episode. When Finn thought Quinn was cheating on him with Sam, Rachel and Finn had a stakeout at the motel where Sam was staying. The first stakeout showed Kurt coming out of Sam’s place (Initial reaction from other Glee kids – Was Sam gay? Is Kurt cheating on Blaine?) Second stakeout showed Quinn coming out of Sam’s place. (Is Sam back with Quinn? What is Sam’s deal?) When Finn confronted Quinn about this, she wouldn’t spill, but she did say that Sam was not gay. (Sorry people who ship Sam and Kurt… but I want to believe that Klaine is also endgame.) By the end of the episode, the Finn/Quinn/Rachel drama seemed to be over with for now (although the promo showed an angry Quinn slapping what looked like Rachel. Damn…)

6. “Don’t Stop” – So, what was Sam’s deal? Rachel asked him out to prom at the beginning of the episode but he said “No” and that she wasn’t his type, and that he probably wasn’t going. We saw Kurt coming out of his motel, and same with Quinn. When Finn and Rachel confront Sam about his actions, Sam finally cracks and confesses that he’s living at the motel with his parents and brother and sister because his dad lost his job and they lost their house.

I have never been the biggest fan of Sam Evans/Chord Overstreet, but this episode changed that for me. (I never hated Sam by any means, but I never really appreciated his character either.) However, this episode made me re-examine my opinions about Mr. Trouty Mouth. Sam had always appeared to be the cool jock… or at least the person who did his best to fit in and be liked. So, when he finally broke down and spilled that his family was living in the motel, it kinda broke my heart a bit. My heart broke all the way when Finn and Rachel came to visit him when he was looking after his siblings. It was really touching to see Sam taking care of his little brother and sister, and even more so to see him so vulnerable when he was describing the hardships his family had been through. I thought it was really great of the writers to let Finn and Rachel be the ones to approach Sam and give him his guitar that he hawked for money. To see Sam cry and his siblings be the ones to try and comfort him – that was a really, really sad but sweet moment. I applaud the writers for working this kind of family tragedy into the plot because that is very much something a family in small-town Ohio would face. And it’s really great to see a show where high school kids and their peers are dealing with this kind of real situation. No one made fun of Sam for his family’s living conditions, and the other kids were sympathetic and respectful. So, the group performance of “Don’t Stop” was really great because it showed everyone rallying around Sam and his family.

And then the show ended… with the promo for next week’s episode – Prom!! So, that means the return of Blaine (who is going with Kurt… and Kurt is wearing a kilt!), the return of Karofsky, and the return of the race for Prom king and queen. (Because of some epic spoilers a couple weeks ago, I am already well aware of who gets prom king and queen. But, you will not find that anywhere here on my blog. Just watch the show!). I’m very much looking forward to the prom episode… especially since Jesse St. James is back too! Darren Criss AND Jonathan Groff on my television at the same time – my mind grapes will explode for sure. πŸ™‚


Well, I gotta get going… have to be up early for work. Boo

Have a good one