And so it goes that I will be heading out of town for four days without any thesis notes from my professor. That really is very, very frustrating.

However, I have not given up hope and today I sent a newly formatted copy of my paper to Thesis and Dissertation Services. I also sent this updated copy of my paper to the other two professors on my thesis committee with a note saying that I haven’t received notes from my chair, but that I wanted them to have a copy of my paper before I left town for a few days, just so that they would have ample time to read my paper. One of the two other people on my committee knows about the trouble I have been having with my thesis chair, so I wrote a detailed email to that professor explaining the communication problems that have going on these past few weeks. Out of common courtesy, I will email my thesis chair (again) tonight to inform him that I sent my paper to the other members of the committee.

My day was chock-full of chores, as I had some stuff to get done before I leave tomorrow morning. I did a load of laundry and pack (well, overpacked) a suitcase full of clothes, shoes, sandals and purses. The weather is supposed to be really warm where I’m going, but my legs are paler than pale, so I brought jeans and one set of capris. I’ll likely just bum around in jeans the whole weekend… that’s how I roll.

I had to tape my GPS to the dash of my car because it won’t stick by itself anymore… so between that and the ginat crack in my windshield, my car looks pretty gangsta. I dig it.

Music is the most important thing for a road trip, so I assembled a mass quantity of mix CDs and put them in order to listen to them tomorrow. Since I’m heading into Minneapolis during rush hour, I’m starting off with my Warblers CD because that’ll keep me calm, cool and collected… plus all those songs are brilliant, so I can completely focus on driving out of MN and not worrying about what song is playing at that moment.

This afternoon I also dumped all the pictures from my camera onto my computer so I have a clean slate for this weekend.

And now we’re just watching Thursday night TV… American Idol is on right now. (Lauren and Jacob are the bottom two… I think of those two, Jacob should go home, but anything can happen.) We’ll watch Bones next, and then I’ll watch the 30 Rock finale. Then I need to go to sleep, as I have to be up early tomorrow. Since i get really nervous about driving such a long way by myself, I likely won’t sleep so well tonight. But why should tonight be different than any other night?

Well… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update every day this weekend. But, hopefully I’ll have some good stories and maybe some pictures from my Kansas adventures đŸ™‚

Have a good one