… and I will totally expand on this later. As I am heading out on my 7+ hour road trip back home in less than 8 hours, I need to get to sleep.

However, I will hint that my weekend in Kansas was awesome. The Digitour was pretty great. I had a super awkward encounter with one of the performers, which I think will make for an excellent story in a future post. I also got my picture taken with all of the StarKids! (Which I will post once I get that uploaded on my computer.) All in all, it was a great night… even if we did have to stand for 5+ hours and it was beyond loud in the venue. But, those are stories for a later post… I will go to sleep on cloud 9, knowing that just a couple hours ago, one of my favorite StarKid’s hands were resting on my shoulders while we got our picture taken. Woot woot woot.

Have a good one 🙂