So, before I gush about last night’s episode of Glee, I need to just say that I’m sorry I haven’t posted much in the past few days. I was out of town (and I promise, stories to come!) visiting my sister, and then as soon as I got home on Monday night, I had to spend all of my not-at-work time working on my thesis.

I stayed up until 2:30 am this morning working on it, then woke up (accidentally) at 7:30 and worked on it throughout the whole day (my alarm *was* set for 9:30… but I don’t sleep well since I’m stressed). I sent my edited paper to my thesis committee around 9:20 pm this evening. I just KNOW that my thesis chair is going to be pissed because I did not make the two tables he suggested. I did make them… and they looked bad and were super confusing (granted, I made them at 2 am and that’s probably why they were so bad…). So, I opted not to use them. He’s going to think it’s because I’m just trying to finish so I can friggin’ graduate already. But honestly, the tables were confusing. And my paper is confusing enough as it is. So, I didn’t use them.

Anyway, GLEE!!!

Glee – “Prom Queen”


Since so much happened, I’ll need to break this down by scene instead of song like I did last week. So, this will likely be epic, as I have lots of opinions about what happened last night…

1. Open w/Jacob Ben Israel doing pre-prom interviews with Puck. JBI confronts Puck about how Lauren Zizes is the one who wears the pants in their relationship. Puck gets a bit mad about that.

2. Figgin’s Office – Figgin’s tells Schue and Sue that the prom band (Air Supply!) cancelled, so he asks the glee kids to be the music for prom. Sue calls Schue’s hair a “buttery merkin”… I laughed heartily. (Also, yay for Air Supply shout out… I love them. Even though they are horrible.) Sue has a list of songs the glee kids should not sing – she name drops “Run Joey Run” (Which is a song that I loved when they performed it last season…) and the “Crazy in Love/Hair” mashup. Props to the writers for acknowledging the crappy songs they did last year.

3. Glee room – Lauren says she’s having a hard time finding a prom dress. Santana says how prom is like their Oscars and is the most important night of their lives. Lauren asks “What about getting married?” to which Quinn replies, “Oh, you can get married as many times as you want; you only get one shot at your junior prom.” Mercedes says she’s not going to prom because no one has asked her. Schue writes “PROM” on the board and Sam quips, “Please don’t tell me we’re doing songs about prom.” (I always applaud the Glee writers when they acknowledge the show’s own faults.) Schue tells the kid’s they are the music act and says that he’ll make sure everyone can enjoy the dance too. Mercedes walks out…

4. Mercedes Locker – Rachel follows Mercedes and they have a really touching conversation about how Mercedes is sad that she doesn’t have a date to prom. My heart went out to her like whoa… I mean, I’m not a girly-girl, but this was totally me in high school. I remember really wanting this one guy to ask me to prom… I had the whole thing planned out in my head. Of course he didn’t ask me, but that ended up being okay. I asked a friend of mine to go with me to prom and he said yes and it turned out to be a really, really fun night. But still… when you are a high school girl, you really just have this whole version of how prom should be. And when it doesn’t unfold as you planned, it’s a bit of a bummer. But, back to the show… I loved that Rachel was really concerned about Mercedes. I like when the two of them are close like this. Rachel says she’ll go to prom w/Mercedes and that she has a plan.

5. Breadstix – Kurt and Blaine are at the Stix and Kurt asks Blaine for his hand. He obliges and Kurt asks Blaine Warbler to junior prom 🙂 (Awwwwwww, Kurt!) This was just one of my many favorite scenes from this episode because we get a little peak into Blaine’s past. Blaine blanches a bit at Kurt’s request… not because he doesn’t want to go with Kurt, but because at his old school, he got beat up for going to a dance with a boy. I like how Darren Criss plays Blaine. Blaine and Kurt usually are all eye contact, all the time. But, as Blaine describes him and his friend getting the crap kicked out of them, his can’t look Kurt in the eyes until the end of his story. Kurt quickly processes what Blain said, and then says how it’s the perfect situation because Blaine can face the bullies at McKinley b/c he couldn’t face the ones at his old school. But, and good for Kurt, he also tells Blaine that if Blaine is uncomfortable with that, they could skip prom and go to a movie. (I like how Kurt is at the point where he will put Blaine’s feelings before his own.) Blaine doesn’t say anything at first, but from the way he looks at Kurt, you can tell he’s thankful and touched that Kurt would forego prom like that. Blaine tells Kurt, “I’m crazy about you” (awwww), so Kurt takes that as a yes and Blaine says that yes, they will go to prom together. Blaine and Kurt need to just stay together forever… they compliment each other really well and are just friggin’ adorable.

6. Auditorium – Rachel drags Sam onstage and they meet up with Mercedes. The girls ask him to go to prom with them. Sam’s in a money pinch (remember, last week, he and his family lost their house and are living in a motel), but the girls have that under control – prom on a budget. This may be Rachel’s best idea on the show ever… I like it when she’s not being super selfish. Sam agrees – yay for budget prom with a group of friends 🙂

7. Home Ec room (?) – Kurt, Tina and Brittany watch as Lauren and Santana do their prom dress dry run. Lauren’s dress is hideous, but Kurt suggests a blue dress (which she does wear later). Santana’s dress is very Santana. Kurt tells the girls he has to leave to tend to his own prom outfit. Santana says it’s sad that he’ll be going stag, but he tells them that he’s not going alone – he’s going with Blaine. And everyone squees and it’s just nice to see Kurt so happy about getting to go to prom with Blaine. Santana pulls Kurt aside and says that she wants him to let the Bully Whips escort him around so she’ll get a leg-up for Prom Queen.

8. Hallway – Puck asks Artie to help him spike the punch bowl at prom. Puck has been amazing this season… I just love his ridiculous schemes. Artie declines the offer and says he’s trying to think of a way to impress Brittany.

9. Auditorium – Rachel asks A/V club to listen to her sing “Rolling in the Deep” and to give her notes, as she’s thinking about singing it at prom. Part way through this a cappella version, Jesse St. James (!) joins in as he strolls down the auditorium toward the stage. God, I love me some Jonathan Groff… so glad he’s back on the show (even though Jesse St. James is a horrible character… like, I love the character, but he’s such a bad person). Their duet is amazing, of course. Turns out Jesse got kicked out of college b/c he didn’t go to any of his non-show choir classes. He came back to Ohio for Rachel to apologize for what he did to her last year (broke her heart and whatnot…). He asks what her prom plans are…

10. Hallway – Finn confronts Rachel about a rumor he heard that Jesse is back. Jesse will be going to prom w/Rachel, Mercedes and Sam. Finn expresses his discontent w/Jesse, but Rachel counters back that he doesn’t get a say in who she dates b/c he broke up with her. Finn complains about prom, so Rachel tells him to get Quinn a simple wrist corsage w/a green ribbon to match her eyes. Finn looks after her as she walks away. You know he still likes her a lot… Cut to Karofsky in his Bully Whips uniform walkie-talkieing w/Santana who is escorting Kurt down the hall. “Teen gay, you may now proceed to the next checkpoint without fear of violence.”

11. Home Ec – Kurt, Tina, Mercedes and Brittany (and random other girls) are in class. Artie wheels in to apologize to Brittany so she’ll consider to going to prom w/him (Kurt gets excited about this “prom proposal”). Artie sings “Isn’t She Lovely” w/Puck and Sam on guitar and Finn and Mike Chang on percussion. Brittany still turns Artie down… poor kid. So, he accepts Puck’s request to help spike the punch.

12. Hummel/Hudson household – Blaine and Finn are on the couch watching a game and Blaine asks if it’s okay if he jams w/the glee kids at prom. Burt walks in to tell the boys that his buddy at the tux shop is giving them their tuxes for 50% off. (I LOVE how Burt just lumps in Blaine with his son and step-son. He must be okay with Blaine even though he (1) walked in on Blaine sleeping in Kurt’s bed and (2) Blaine approached him about how Burt should have the sex talk with Kurt.) Burt asks the boys what kind of tuxes they’ll get, then tells them that he wore a blue ruffled tux to his prom a la Tony Orlando (“Was that a designer?” – Blaine). Kurt then enters, wearing a kilt suit of his own design (nod to the Royal Wedding and Alexander McQueen). Blaine gives his boyfriend a once over and kinda chuckles, but smiles at the same time. Exactly one season later from Finn calling Kurt’s stuff “faggy,” Finn tells Kurt that his outfit rocks, “It’s like gay Braveheart.” Aw, Finn. Burt tells his son he doesn’t like it, to which Kurt replies of course he doesn’t, because it’s not finished yet. Burt says he’s not gonna stop Kurt from wearing it, but how he thinks Kurt is just trying to get attention. Kurt doesn’t understand what kind of attention Burt is talking about, as he admits he is trying to get attention because that’s what dressing up is all about. Blaine says that Burt has a point and tells Kurt that what Burt meant was that Kurt shouldn’t be provoking anyone with reasons to cause trouble (i.e. the outfit might be a bit too much for conservative small-town Ohio…). Burt explains to his son that there are bad people out there, worse than Karofsky, who are just looking for a reason to ignite more hate. Burt, aka the best father on TV ever, says that he wants his son to be himself, but he also wants Kurt to be practical. Kurt is taken aback, but says he’s done everything right. He then acknowledges that Blaine might be uncomfortable with this after what he’s been through (getting beat up for going to a dance with a guy… btw, how adorable was it when Blaine squirmed in his seat when Kurt was talking about this?), but says that prom is about joy and not fear, so he’s going to wear his outfit because it’s fantastic. He gives Blaine an out, saying if he doesn’t want to join Kurt, Kurt would understand. Blaine just looks on as Kurt walks off.

13. Hallway – Karofsky is escorting Kurt down the hall to French class. He instructs Kurt to wait inside the class after the bell rings so he can walk him to lunch. Kurt asks Karofsky if he’s noticed that no one has harassed him and says that nobody cares about him being gay. Well, he says that the school might not be ready to embrace the gay, but perhaps they’ve evolved to be indifferent about it. Kurt tells Karofsky that he sees how miserable he has been, and that he sees his pain over the secret he’s been keeping. Kurt says he doesn’t have to come out right away, but if he did it soon, he’d feel better. Karofsky broke into tears and my heart broke in half. Karofsky pulls off his hat and confesses to Kurt that he is so sorry for what he did to Kurt. This apology (unlike the one in Figgins’ office during “Born This Way”) was sincere and completely heartfelt. Kurt tells Dave he knows he’s sorry, and Dave is thankful. Dave collects himself and tells Kurt, “Remember, you wait for me here. Right?” and gives a little nod before he leaves to go to Calculus. I wanted to give Karofsky a hug through my television… this was just a really, really great scene. Max Adler is amazing as Karofsky. AMAZING. (And Chris Colfer just kills it as Kurt every week. Especially later on in this episode…)

14. Quinn’s house – Quinn getting ready for prom. LIttle dream sequence of her and Finn as prom royalty. Finn and Quinn have a moment before Quinn’s mom ruins it with a camera.

15. Breadstix – Mercedes, Sam, Rachel and Jesse out together. Sam and Mercedes are adorable. Jesse is a bit of a douche… and then announces he’s going to open a dance studio and become a show choir consultant. Quinn and Finn show up and Finn and Jesse have some words. (Foreshadowing, of course…)

16. Prom – Puck, Sam and Artie sing “Friday” as everyone dances. Their version of this song is waaaaaaaaaay better than Rebecca Black’s version.

After the commercial break, Rachel is singing the ballad “Jar of Hearts” and everyone slow dances except for Blaine and Kurt (What?! Why aren’t my boys dancing? Probably to avoid causing a ruckus…). During the song, Finn keeps looking over at Rachel as she sings. This show is not big on subtlety. Obviously. Best moment of this scene is when Sam walks up to Mercedes, tells her she looks beautiful and asks her to dance. (Sam Evans, why couldn’t I have liked you this much all season?!?!)

“Tora, tora, tora. It’s go time” – Puck to Artie to start their plan to spike the punch bowl. Puck’s moves don’t work and Artie gets caught and brought to Sue’s office where she threatens to “clean” his teeth with some pliers if he doesn’t tell her who told him to spike the punch bowl.

Back on the dance floor, Blaine Warbler is singing a very unWarbleresque song, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance” while doing some choice Darren Criss dance moves (no one rocks a mic stand quite like Mr. Criss…). He’s being backed by Tina and Brittany while everyone dances along. Mercedes and Sam do the robot, and it’s adorable. I’m glad they had fun together 🙂 Jesse starts kissing/nibbling Rachel’s neck and Finn gets pissed and confronts them on the dance floor. Jesse and Finn exchange words, then shoves. Once Finn tries to land a punch on Jesse’s face, Sue kicks both of them out of the dance, much to Quinn and Rachel’s chagrin.

Later, Figgins gathers the prom court onto the stage to annouce king and queen. Karofsky gets crowned king, so Santana thinks she has queen in the bag. However, Figgins announces that the queen is a write-in winner… Kurt Hummel. Now, normally I would have flipped out at such a plot twist, but this plot point was ruined via Twitter a few weeks ago, so I knew this was happening. (My mom didn’t though… she was like, “Oh no!”)

And thus begins another favorite moment of the episode – Kurt’s face as he backs away/runs out of gym was heartbreaking… as was Blaine chasing after Kurt yelling “Kurt, stop! Stop! Kurt, stop! Please just stop. Come on…”

Kurt sobs in the hallway, embarrassed and angry about what just happened. “Don’t you get how stupid we were? We thought that because no one was teasing us or beating us up that no one cared. Like some kind of progress had been made. But it’s still the same.” Blaine said it was just a stupid joke, trying to ease Kurt’s feelings, but Kurt went on. “No, it’s not. All that hate. They were just afraid to say it out loud. So they did it by secret ballot! I’m one, big, anonymous practical joke.”

Meanwhile, Rachel follows Quinn into the girl’s bathroom where Quinn slaps Rachel across the face and then apologizes right away.

Brittany and Santana are in another room, where Santana asks why people couldn’t have voted for her. Brittany tries to calm her down, but Santana just wants one night where she is queen/not an outsider.

Split screens reveal Kurt, Santana and Quinn all saying they aren’t going back out there. So much drama 😦

Back in the hallway, Blaine (who is on the floor, leaning up against some lockers) asks Kurt to sit down with him. Kurt paces the hallway and Blaine asks if he wants to go, because they don’t have to go back in there. Kurt says that the prom was supposed to be about redemption and to take away the lump Blaine had in his throat from running away. Kurt says they can’t leave, because then he’ll have a lump too. Blaine asks Kurt what Kurt wants to do to which Kurt replies, “I’m going to go back in there and get coronated. [Blaine looks up at Kurt with such love/respect.] And I’m going to show them that it doesn’t matter if they are yelling at me, or whispering behind my back that They Can’t Touch Me. That they can’t touch Us. Or what we have.” By this point, Kurt is kneeling on the floor and Blaine sits up so they are together, ready to make a stand. Yay Kurt. And yay Glee writers… I’m glad that they put Kurt in a completely supportive relationship. I’m glad they’ve allowed Kurt to develop a sense of self and the courage to stand up for himself, his beliefs, and his way of life.

Back in the bathroom, Quinn is pitying herself. She’s worried about the future and what’s going to happen to her when her looks are gone. Rachel tells Quinn that Quinn is more than that.

Santana is still feeling sorry for herself. Brittany tells her she needs to embrace who she is and that she believes in Santana. And, props to Brittany for telling Santana to go back out and be there for Kurt b/c the situation is a lot harder for him than it is for her.

In the hallway, Blaine hands Kurt a Kleenex and the prom queen wipes away his tears. Blaine holds out his hand to Kurt and asks, “Are you ready for this?”

In Sue’s office, Artie tells her that he spiked the punch with lemonade. She’s pissed that he didn’t try to use alcohol, so she lets him go b/c he didn’t do anything wrong.

Kurt walks back into the gym where somehow everyone is still just standing around. Figgins crowns Kurt prom queen (btw – why the HELL didn’t Figgins stop this earlier? When he saw Kurt’s name as the winner, he should have just stopped before the situation could get out of hand.) Kurt looks out to the crowd and says, “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton.” Everyone laughs and applauds, and the tension lifts for a fraction of a minute.

Then, Mercedes and Santana launch into “Dancing Queen” while Figgins says that the prom king and queen will share a dance.

As Karofsky and Kurt walk to the center of the floor, Kurt tells Karofsky that “Now’s your moment.” Karofsky is confused. Kurt tells him he should come out and make a difference. They stop on the floor and the music swells… but all Karofsky can do is look at Kurt and sadly tell him, “I can’t.” He leaves the floor, stranding Kurt in the open circle by himself. Kurt looks around, eyes searching for what he’s supposed to do now when he hears “Excuse me” from behind. It’s Blaine… looking all adorable in his black suit. Blaine asks if he may have this dance and extends his hand out to Kurt. Kurt (and likely anyone watching the show at this point) breaks into a smile and accepts Blaine’s outstretched hand. The two come together and slow dance, hands clasped around each other’s and Kurt’s prom queen baton thing. As they dance, Kurt looks around at the people watching him, while Blaine keeps his eyes on Kurt the whole time. The two boys dance and are soon joined by others. As the song continues, shots of the kids dancing are intercut with stills of the various prom couples getting their pictures taken.

And scene…

I thought this was a great episode. (Btw – when my mom and I were watching this on tuesday night, a weather alert for a tornado watch cut off the show right as Kurt and Karofsky were walking down to the center of the floor and Kurt was telling Karofsky to come out. We yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and were so pissed that we didn’t get to see the ending. I saw it online later, and I bought the episode today on iTunes, so I can watch the episode as many times as I want… which was probably 2 or 3 times today. Hahaha.)

Since Kurt, Burt and Blaine are my three favorite characters, I was glad for all the Kurt-related plot lines. I also think that prom is usually a great setting for stories because so much drama surrounds that one silly dance. 🙂

Anyway, I love this episode. The Kurt/Karofsky arc has been really interesting this season and I am looking forward to seeing it play out some more.


Well, I should get some sleep… I just wrote 3500+ words about Glee after editing a 23,000+ word paper all day. I am worded out.

I have to work tomorrow, but only for a few hours.

Have a good one