I know I owe you stories from my Kansas trip… but I am so tired and don’t feel like typing much. So, will you settle for a picture instead?

With StarKid people at the Digitour!

Look! I got my picture taken with StarKid people! I told Joey Richter and Dylan Saunders that they’re my favorites (which is totally true… they are in a three-way tie with Darren Criss as my favorite StarKid people), and Dylan thanked me and put his hands on my shoulders while they were taking the picture…

But, I will expand on the trip in a later post and find some clips from youtube so you can see what I saw 🙂


Today was fairly uneventful. I didn’t sleep as late as I hoped, so I watched an episode of Modern Family before I dragged myself upstairs. I made breakfast burritos and then got ready for work.

There was supposed to be a corporate visit at work today, so everyone was on edge. And the corporate people did come… just not to my work area. I felt bad for some of my colleagues because they spent so much time straightening up and making sure everything looked nice, and then no one came to see it. So, all their hard work is going to go unnoticed, which is a shame.

After work, I drove home and my mom made us pancakes for dinner 🙂

I then uploaded a bunch of my trip pictures onto facebook and now we’re watching American Idol (Haley BEST go home) and then Bones.

I’m in the midst of setting up my thesis defense. I am SUPER nervous about this… I know my thesis chair is not a fan of me, or my writing. And I didn’t implement some of the changes he suggested in my paper (a couple charts that I thought did not make sense after I made them), so I’m sure he’ll be pissed about that too.

I just really want this whole process to be over already. I should be defending my paper in less than two weeks… which means I need to miss a few days of work. And I’ll need to spend 30+ hours in my car driving to and from Ohio (flying would be easier and less time-consuming, but I don’t have that kind of money…).

I’m not looking forward to going to Ohio as it is. I mean, it’ll be great to see some friends I haven’t seen (or talked to…) in over a year. But I just want to be done with school. And done with Ohio.

(btw – Lady Gaga is singing “You and I” right now on the TV… she is friggin’ amazing. I think she is the bees knees.)

Well, that’s really all for now…

I’m gonna watch Enrique sing songs that are more suited for someone younger/more cool/that’s not him.

Have a good one