When a place of business closes at 9 pm, one would hope that people would have the common courtesy to stop milling about and leave the place of business. Right?

I was so freakin’ busy at work today… and I was by myself for the last 3 1/2 hours, so that was extra taxing. So many people to help and not enough time. I had to call a manager for help twice… and luckily the second time they actually sent someone down. And not just one someone, but two someones! They were only there for a little bit, but I was super thankful for the two guys they sent down to help me out while I was crazy swamped.

Besides being super busy at work today, I got some other stuff accomplished too.

As soon as I woke up, I called the journalism school at OU to set up the date/time/location of my thesis defense. So, that’s set for Tuesday May 24th from 3-5 pm. It best not take 2 hours.

I honestly have no idea what to expect during a thesis defense. Am I supposed to make a powerpoint? What kinds of questions will they ask? Am I going to be so nervous and flustered by their questions that I will break down into tears? Probably.

I emailed my entire thesis committee to inform them of this day/time/location. I will not check my email until tomorrow morning to see if they responded because (1) it’s Friday night and even if they had issue with anything, I can’t do anything about it right this very second and (2) if they did write back and say something conflicts with that (Even though they all said they were free then), and I get super upset (PMS = a bitch, yo), I won’t be able to sleep.

I already sleep poorly as it is… I was up multiple times last night having some anxiety issues… so I will temporarily avoid my email if it means I’ll get to sleep a little bit better. I’ll check it tomorrow morning. Duh.

After I called and emailed, I had breakfast and watched Regis and Kelly because Chris Colfer was on. His interview was pretty pointless… I mean, he’s awesome and all, but they didn’t ask him any questions that would have provided new information about him or his projects. *And* they showed a clip from the Prom Queen episode of Glee and not even from next week’s episode. Boo

After breakfast and some Wii sports w/my mom, she and I ran some errands to the post office (I had to mail my thesis chair his notes back), the library and the grocery store.

Back at home I showered and ate lunch. I watched half an episode of My So Called Life (I’m too old for this show… which is a shame because I think it would have been good if I watched it at the right age) and then some clips from A Very Potter Sequel. I can’t help it… I love StarKid productions 🙂 I ordered my Starship DVD last night as a “Way to go, setting up your thesis stuff” present to myself.

And then there was work… soooo busy at work.

And now I’m bouts to watch some Parks and Rec and then sleep. (btw – the two Community paintball episodes were AMAZING. UH-MAY-ZING. Like whoa)

I have off this weekend… I want to go see Bridesmaids. Maybe tomorrow!

Have a good one