I’m sure I could of spent my first real “free” day in awhile starting a job hunt or out saving the whales or something, but I didn’t. I was a complete waste of space today. And you know what, it felt pretty wonderful.

Since I’m technically done with thesis stuff until the defense, and I didn’t have work today, I had a free day (though I’m still thinking that I’m supposed to be whipping up some sort of presentation… I don’t recall our grad program ever spelling out what the thesis defense process is going to be like. So, I will be bugging a few of my peers over the next week to see what happened at their defenses…).

I caught up on some chores – did two loads of laundry, cleaned my bathroom, unpacked my luggage from when I visited my sister. I also caught up with Parks and Rec by watching the latest episode from this past Thursday. I friggin’ am LOVING that show this season. I miss Paul Schneider a lot, but Rob Lowe and (especially) Adam Scott have really brought a much needed something to this series. And I love all of the Ben/Leslie stuff… I think it’s adorable.

I also just started watching Sherlock, that British Masterpiece Mystery Series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Before this, I was only familiar with Cumberbatch from his roles in Starter for 10 and Atonement. But I am loving him as Sherlock… I’m just loving this whole series, actually. It’s quite funny (not always laugh-out-loud comical, but it’s quick witted and I find Sherlock’s utter lack of patience with everyone else’s crime solving processes quite humorous). I’ve been a fan of Freeman’s for awhile (The Office, Love, Actually, Confetti, Hot Fuzz, etc…), and I think he’s brilliant as Watson. He just has the most expressive face. I am super looking forward to watching him in the rest of this series, and his upcoming performance in The Hobbit as Bilbo Baggins 🙂

Right now we’re watching Top Gun. I really dislike Tom Cruise, but this movie is watchable – great music (soundtrack and score), and some qonderfully cheesetastic dialogue.

I don’t know what we’ll watch next, but I aim to stay up for Saturday Night Live, as it is a new episode. Ed Helms is hosting and Paul Simon is the music guest… I love them both. Last week’s episode was pretty baller. The Digital Short, “Jack Sparrow,” may have been one of the funniest shorts I’ve ever seen in my entire life. As if I couldn’t love The Lonely Island and Michael Bolton any more than I already did, they collaborated for this gem:

You’re welcome.

Have a good one!

(btw – seeing Bridesmaids tomorrow 🙂 )