So, did you watch Saturday Night Live last night? It was not the best episode, by far, but there were moments of wonderfulness. Most notably, the cartoon-turned-live action Ambiguously Gay Duo bit.

This just made me wish even more that Jon Hamm would either join the cast (j’adore him on Mad Men, but he would do so well on SNL), or at least host every other week. I loved his and Jimmy Fallon’s commitments to those characters (normally voiced by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell… who were totally in the sketch too).

Another highlight of the show was Chris Colfer in the “What Up with That?” sketch. Granted, he didn’t have any lines, but it’s just nice to see my favorite Glee person as a guest on SNL. I could totally see him hosting sometime next season. (Of other Glee people, I could see Darren Criss or Lea Michele hosting as well. Criss has the potential to be Justin Timberlake-funny, while Michele could probably pull off an episode in the same vein as Miley Cyrus. More singing in sketches than having to be physically funny… But that’s just my opinion.)


So, I actually slept last night! I don’t know why or how, but it happened. I woke up at 9:00… and then had to quickly get dressed and scarf down some cereal because my mom and I had to be out of the house by 9:45ish for a 10:30 screening of Bridesmaids. It was PACKED.

I had such high hopes for Bridesmaids.

Those hopes were met and then exceeded… Bridesmaids was hilariously funny and seriously touching/heartfelt all at the same time. I loved it. I would see it again. I can’t wait to own the DVD.

Co-written by lead actress (and SNL staple) Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids showcased one woman’s struggle to piece together her downward spiraling life as her best friend (Maya Rudolph, one of my comedy idols) gets engaged, prepares for her wedding, and ultimately gets married.

Wiig’s character was surrounded by the good (cop Rhodes, played by the ridiculously adorable Chris O’Dowd), the bad (Jon Hamm’s douche of a f**k buddy), and the crazy (the other bridesmaids, most notably Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy… just amazing performances by both).

I won’t spoil the major plot points for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I will say that there were points in the movie where I was laughing so hard I was crying and there were other points where I was really relating to Wiig’s character and just thinking a lot about relationships between best friends and how hitting bottom is an opportunity to reassess oneself and work toward picking yourself up and moving forward.

It would appear that holy matrimony has been a topic I have somehow become surrounded by as of late. There is a wedding this weekend in Ohio, which unfortunately I will not be able to attend 😦 It’s for a girl who is pretty much the Maya Rudolph to my Kristen Wiig. And I would say that right now, we’re at the point in our Bridesmaids where there hasn’t been communication for quite some time. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about her every day (which I do), or don’t miss her (which I do), or don’t love her with all my heart (which I do).

When I visited my sister, there was a lot of wedding talk too. She and I probably watched 10 episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” and discussed her potentially marrying her current boyfriend and what role I would have in the wedding party (Maid of Honor…).

My sister is not engaged, but she and her boyfriend have talked about getting married at some point. I think that’s pretty cool. I’m glad my sister has someone that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. But what I’m really thankful for, is that she and I are still close. We might not get to talk as much as we used to (we lived together for 4 years, so we used to get to talk and hang out almost all the time 🙂 ), but we talked about how we will always be not only sisters, but friends. And that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

(btw – watching Survivor right now. I haven’t watched all season, but tonight’s the finale. I hope Boston Rob wins. This is his 4th Survivor… he deserves the million for that feat alone.)

In addition to seeing Bridesmaids with my mom, she and I also played a bunch of rounds of ping-pong. Though she still won almost all of the games, I finally wore her down and beat her during our last game. Playing left-handed no less… I am more and more convinced that I was born left-handed but was taught to be right-handed. Besides being a better ping-pong played with my left hand, I also throw footballs and frisbees better with this hand. I bowl better using my left hand. I always have to have my purse on my left shoulder. I’m pretty sure I always hold my microphone in my left hand.

After ping-pong, we finished watching the third episode of Sherlock. Oh, how I wish the Second Series was already on Netflix. (It hasn’t even aired yet on television, so of course there is no way that it would be on Netflix yet. I don’t even know when the Second Series is going to come out…) What an amazing series thus far, though. In just three episodes, I am completely hooked. I love how it’s set in the present day. I love the bro-chemistry between Holmes and Watson. I love the music. I love the pace of the show. It just makes for brilliant television.

Well… that’s about it, I guess.

I have to work tomorrow night from 6-9:15. During the day, I’m going to start putting together some sort of presentation for my thesis defense. I suck at Power Points (I’ve only ever made 2 in my entire life…), but it’ll be good to go back through all of my data and results and really have a good grasp on everything before I go onto the thesis defense chopping block next week.

Have a good one