I can’t believe I’ve had my driver’s license for four years. A lot of people are probably like, “Really? You’ve only been driving for four years?!” (I’m 27…)

But yes – four whole years.

And I hate driving. Like whoa. The only good thing about driving is I get to listen to whatever music I want.

But I hate cars. I hate gas prices. I hate other people driving like idiots. (Case in point – I was driving to work today, and someone pulled out right in front of me even though there was no one behind me, and then didn’t speed up to the speed limit and there was no way for me to pass the person. And then at a busy junction, he wanted to turn left across traffic, whereas I needed to turn right into the flow of traffic. Booooooo)

I use my blinker every time I am supposed to. I adhere to speed limits (never going more than 5 mph above). I stop at stop signs. I follow the rules of the road. I think I am a safe driver. (I have a bit of road rage, but it’s mostly just me yelling to myself about other drivers.)

But I hate driving. And one day, I hope to live in NYC so I don’t have to drive and I can just walk everywhere. Some day…

I only worked for a few hours tonight, but I was busy. So, that was good. I missed the first half of the Castle finale, but my mom caught me up during the commercial break. J’adore Nathan Fillion. Mmm Mmm Mmm

The rest of my day was spent making a Power Point presentation (well, I started making one… I have three frames done. I had to email my professor to see how long of a presentation I need to make and what kind of content he is expecting, so I didn’t get too far. I will do this on Wednesday.). A bigger majority of my day was spent reading blogs… I find other people’s opinions quite fascinating. It’s amazing to read blogs where people are just so passionate about something that they have an entire blog devoted to just one thing. My blog is kinda all over the place. But that’s how I am; all over the place.

And really that’s about it…

I am knackered, so I am going to read a bit (a couple more blogs, then I started reading Bridges of Madison County. I own the movie but never watched it. And, as I was driving back to MN from Kansas, I passed signs for the covered bridges of Madison County in Iowa. So, I thought it was a sign and I should check out the book/movie. So far, the book is pretty good. I’m only about 50 pages in. I’ll watch the movie at some point too.).

I work during the day tomorrow, but then it’s Glee Tuesday – “Funeral”. I will likely post right afterward 🙂

Have a good one