So, today marks the fourth anniversary of my grandfather’s death (my dad’s dad).

I think about him every day and even though I am so sad that he’s gone, I can’t help but smile. The man made me laugh 🙂

I have so many great memories of my grandfather… most of them were “you had to be there” situations, or stories that my dad told me from before I was born. My grandfather (we called him “Pop Pop”) was a very, very funny man. I liken him to a Jewish Archie Bunker. He had some pretty choice things to say about other people, but he was an equal opportunity offender. Even though I knew a lot of the stuff that was coming out of his mouth wasn’t entirely PC, just the manner in which he said it was funny. He could have done stand up.

I was lucky that I got to spend a decent amount of time with my Pop Pop in the first 24 years of my life. We visited him and my Grammy a few times a year, and then later in life, my sister and I would go visit them on our way to New York City. In the last year or so, I would call him up during my breaks at work and we would talk about movies. He’s the one who introduced me to “Inside the Actors Studio” and would suggest various movies or books that I should read.

He had a think Philly accent that I can still hear in my head any time I want. He used to call my siblings and I “bum” for some reason. He would also call me a Philistine because I didn’t like mustard or salt on my soft pretzels.

There’s just so much stuff that reminds me of him – the birthday candle, the penguin game, him catching a newspaper on fire in the dining room, how his sandwiches always tasted better than any other sandwich, his “triple spin” off the diving board, him falling asleep often holding a beverage, Pop driving (holding your hands at 5 and 7), how when he was driving my brother and I back to his house from the King of Prussia mall he made a left turn from the center lane and I thought we were all going to die right then and there, Drug Emporium, and the list goes on and on…

My grandfather was a great man. He took care of everyone but himself. He was very loving to us. He was a great cook. He was a funny guy. He told great stories. He knew everything about everything it seemed. I just miss him a lot.

The day he died, I was by myself at the apartment I shared with my sister in Indiana. (She was in Michigan for some band thing.) My mom called and told me my Pop Pop was in the hospital and not doing well and that my dad had gone to be with him. I didn’t even know he was sick. I cried a lot, because this was the worst thing that had happened to me in my entire life. I was alone and I didn’t know what to do.

So, I grabbed my car keys (mind you, I had only gotten my license 2 days prior) and I drove all over town trying to find the 2-disc edition of Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. Don’t ask me why I did this, because I still don’t know. But I was determined to find that DVD. I literally drove from one side of town to the other and back again, twice. I almost got run over by a semi truck in the parking lot outside of Cheeseburger in Paradise. Tears were streaming down my face the whole day, and I just remember talking to myself and trying to calm myself down.

I couldn’t find the Harry Potter DVD, so I ended up buying the 2-disc edition of Batman Begins. Once I got back home, I made some popcorn, grabbed my Batman Buddy, and climbed into my sister’s bed (she wasn’t home – she didn’t have to know). Through my tears, I watched all of the extras on the second disc and then watched the movie.

Later that night, one of my parents called to tell me that my Pop Pop died. I lost it again and just cried to myself because there was nothing else I could do. When my sister got home that weekend, we hugged and cried together. It was one of, if not the, lowest point in my life thus far.

What really made me sad was I had called my grandfather the day before during my break at work. He always picked up, but that day he didn’t. I left some sort of message joking that I hoped he was out having fun and enjoying himself. Little did I know he was already in the hospital. 😦

But, even though that was a really, really horrible time in my life, I can only look back on my relationship with my grandfather and feel an overwhelming amount of love. I know he loved me and I loved him. And really, that’s the best a granddaughter can hope for 🙂

So, I miss you Pop. I miss you every day. And I will continue to miss you every day for as long as I live.


In other news… today my blog kinda exploded. Last night I was just hoping to finally reach 10,000 views, but because of my post about last night’s Glee episode, I will now cross 11,000 views within the hour. Today I got over 1,000 views… 1/11 of the total views on my blog… my mind grapes are blown. (Well, I just checked my blog stats – I am at 11,0006 total views, and 1,027 views for the day. Day-yum.)

I know that most of these people will probably never come across this blog again, but I am beyond astonished that that many people have checked out my blog… especially the 1,300+ people who have looked at my blog in the past 2 days because of that Glee post. I don’t expect this to happen ever again, but it’s kinda neat for right now. Makes me feel like my writing matters to someone 🙂

See, I’m still having massive problems with my thesis, even though I am defending it on Tuesday. I cannot wait until this whole process is over. I am just feeling like the worst scholar of all time because I feel I am having such petty conflicts with my thesis chair. Hopefully he’ll let me know what kind of presentation he wants for the thesis defense. I’ve asked him two or three times in the past week because he never addresses that part of my email, only some formatting issue that is really neither here nor there. BAH!

I had to work tonight, so I missed American Idol and one episode of Happy Endings. I did catch the second episode of Happy Endings… not gonna lie, I am a little bit in love with Adam Pally.

Have a good one