First off, way to go, America, for kicking Haley off of Idol this week. I was worried when James got ousted last week that somehow Haley was going to growl her way to the finale. But, I guess those country music fans prevailed, because it’s Scotty and Lauren dueling it out for this year’s title of American Idol.

Now we’ll watch the season finale of Bones. After last week’s tragic death in the lab, I really don’t know what to expect tonight.

Season finales just wipe me out. You spend years watching these shows, and the finales come around and give you some super huge cliffhanger or someone dies or people hook up, and it just is too much plot for one show. And then it’s all over and you have to wait months for closure. MONTHS.

I obviously care way too much about the television shows I watch 🙂

I had off from work today, so I spent a majority of the day typing up a presentation I’m to give at the beginning of my thesis defense next week. (Yes, my thesis chair sent me what I needed to prepare… finally.) So, I have 5 1/2 pages typed up thus far. I’ll proofread it this weekend, but I think I have a really solid start. I find it odd typing up a paper about a paper I already typed up.

I am beyond nervous about this thesis defense. I am not good talking in front of people, let alone three prominent professors in a highly accredited journalism program. I shouldn’t have been accepted into the program… and I have a feeling they are going to be thinking the same thing when I am presenting my paper. I mean, I’m a bright person and consider myself an academic, but my paper isn’t even remotely related to journalism… I basically wrote a film paper. For a journalism program. Because I got into a journalism program, instead of the multiple film programs I applied for over the past 5 years. (In my defense, the topic I ended up writing about for my paper was suggested to me by my thesis chair. So, it’s not entirely my fault that I wrote a film paper 🙂 )

Anyway… I’m just nervous about presenting my paper and answering my committee’s questions about my paper. I’m worried I’m going to be so nervous that they’ll think I won’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’ll get flustered and not answer the questions to the best of my ability. But, I’ll try and talk myself down over these next few days, so hopefully it won’t go as bad in real life as it keeps playing out in my head.

I also haven’t told anyone that I’m coming back to campus. So far the only two people who know I’m going to be there (as far as I know), are the two girls I’m staying with when I’m in town. I am going to contact a friend from undergrad who I would meet up with every now and again so we can catch up a bit.

Well… I guess that’s really all for today… I’m gonna watch some Bones and Parks and Rec. I gotta work tomorrow and then I need to run some errands. You know, the usual…

Have a good one