… Grilled Cheesus, I am tired.

I didn’t get to bed until after 1 am (Bridges of Madison County is a good book… I was trying to finish, but I couldn’t. Maybe tonight.). I then woke up around 5 and then did not fall back asleep until just before 8 am. My alarm went off at 8:30.

I walked around all day like a zombie. I kept busy at work. I opened an account and met my sales goals for the week, so that’s good. That means I won’t get scolded by anyone. I hate that I have to worry about getting scolded at work. It’s not an important enough job to get scolded for. It’s also beyond condescending to get scolded for something you really don’t have much control over. I can’t force people to buy stuff from me.

After work, I ran a few errands so that way I don’t have to go out for the rest of the weekend. One of my stops was to the liquor store near my house. I didn’t get carded. Mind you, I just got carded the other week when I went to the Digitour in Kansas. I made it through one round of age verification, but then was asked at the door for my ID even though I am way older than 21 and everyone else around me was in high school or college. But, the guy didn’t believe me when I said I was 27, and he made me dig my ID out of the bottom of my purse. So, today at the liquor store, I assumed I would be carded because I was buying a lot of alcohol. Nope… no ID required this time around. Perhaps it’s because the bags under my eyes are large enough to be checked at the airport. Or perhaps it’s because I was in my work clothes and not a t-shirt and jeans like in Kansas. Either way, I obviously looked older than 21 today. I felt it too…

… it started raining a bit today and storms are rolling in for the weekend. When the weather gets like this, all of my prior sports injuries flair up and it feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing me in my knee (bad jump off of 1st base), neck and back (repercussions of whiplash I got after falling backward trying to get back to 3rd base, snapping my neck/head against the ground), and toes (two of my toes have been broken twice apiece over the last 4 years). Over the counter meds don’t work, so I’m in an uncomfortable amount of pain some of the time. I’m used to it, though, which I know isn’t ideal, but it’s how it has to be for the time being. Whatever.

I stopped at Target for a few things for my road trip this week to Ohio. I needed blank CDs, some snacks, thank you cards and some other odds and ends. I was hoping the newest issue of GQ would be in already, but it wasn’t. (For the record, I have never read this magazine, but there is an 8 page spread of Darren Criss modeling wedding attire, that is not to be missed…) Oh well… it’ll just pick it up at Little Professor next week. God, I have missed that bookstore. That’s one of the few things I actually miss about Athens.

Well, I’m extra tired, so I’m gonna read for a bit and head to bed. Got a late night tomorrow (season finale of SNL – host Justin Timberlake and Music Guest Lady Gaga… should be epic), and then a super early morning on Monday. I need to do laundry, pack, finish my thesis defense presentation (not gonna do a PP, I decided… just typed up a mini speech about my paper), print out some stuff, make some mix CDs and whatnot.

Have a good one