So, I’m one of those people who had no idea why everyone was talking about 5/21/11 being the Rapture. I had to do a Google search the other night to see what that even meant and what the repercussions were. I have to say, I found it completely fascinating that so many people were very accepting of one man’s (Harold Camping) claim that 5/21/11 was going to be Doomsday.

I consider myself pretty tolerant of other people’s viewpoints/religions/beliefs. So long as no one is trying to force their viewpoints/religions/beliefs on me, all is well between us. What I’m wondering, though, is what is going on through the minds of the people who thought that today was it for them? What is going on through Harold Camping’s mind right now? What is he going to tell people now that the Rapture didn’t happen today? Did this non-event cause anyone to lose their faith, or has it made it that much stronger? Was there a reason why the Rapture didn’t happen today?

(As I’m typing this, my mom and I are in the living room watching the news. There is a tornado warning for the cities/counties north of us. I guess our tornado siren went off… when I was in the shower, singing embarrassingly loud to select songs from Starship and Glee. So, I missed out on that… It’s still a bit sunny here where we live, but the news is showing some extremely dark clouds, heavy rain and hail in the towns west and north of us. I do not, though, believe that this storm has anything to do with today being 5/21/11.)

Anyway, I’m glad the Rapture didn’t happen today. I didn’t want to miss the Glee finale, Glee Live, and the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series.

I kept myself pretty busy today. I did a couple loads of laundry and started packing for my road trip to Ohio this coming week. I made a few more mix CDs, but have at least one more to make tomorrow. I printed out copies of my thesis and thesis defense presentation (I had to print them out in blue ink b/c we were out of black ink… luckily I don’t have to turn any of those in 🙂 ). I played some ping-pong with my mom. I watched some River Monsters with my dad. (Tornado siren is going off again… they just extended the tornado warning in our county until 8:15. The storm should pass north of us, though, according to the graphics on the television.)

Tomorrow I’ll need to finish getting my stuff together. I need to re-paint my toenails and I think I’ll paint my fingernails (probably black… for kicks). I’ll try to go to bed early tomorrow night, but that won’t accomplish anything. I’m so nervous about driving to Ohio and all the thesis stuff I have going on that I’m not going to be able to sleep. Which will mean I’ll likely be tired for my 15+ hour car ride on Monday. That is not ideal. But, if I get too sleepy, I’ll stop for the night if I have to instead of driving the whole way on Monday. My defense isn’t until 3:00 on Tuesday, so I could finish my drive Tuesday morning if I had to. I don’t want to, but it’s good to have a contingency plan.

Well, I think I’m gonna read some stuff or try and find a movie or something on Netflix. I have 3 hours to go until SNL, so I gotta keep myself busy. We likely won’t be able to stop watching the news until after the tornado warning is done. So, I’ll try and read some stuff about my thesis (I have to read up about the protocol of what I’ll have to do post-thesis defense) and maybe try and finish Bridges of Madison County once and for all.

Have a good one