Holy hell, what a horrible, horrible day.

I started off the day in a fairly upbeat fashion. I had some cereal and watched an episode of My So Called Life while I snuggled with my freakishly adorable dog who was fast asleep in my lap.

I skipped back down to my room and made a couple more mix CDs and totally cheated and watched a bunch of youtube clips of last night’s Glee Live 2011 opening concert in Las Vegas. (Oh my goodness, what I saw was all sorts of awesome… and I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but I was smiling like a friggin’ idiot the whole time I was watching. I cannot WAIT to see this on June 1st. My face is going to hurt from smiling the whole time, I can just tell.)

And then my day started to suck horrendously.

I decided I should probably look on the Thesis and Dissertation website to see if there was anything I needed for my thesis defense on Tuesday. I have been going off of a couple different, but similar, guidebooks provided by TADs. But, when I went to go and get a form to put on my flashdrive from the main website, there was an additional form that was supposed to be turned in 2 weeks before your thesis defense. There was NO mention of this form in ANY of the guidebooks. I began to panic like none other.

Here I am, getting ready to drive 1/3 of the way across the country tomorrow for my thesis defense, and I only JUST find out that there was a form I was supposed to fill out weeks ago. So, I hurried up and filled out the form and sent it to TADs, with a horrendously manic and TMI email message about how I did not know about this form, and how I already signed up for my defense, and how I need to graduate this quarter because I can’t afford to put this off any further, etc…

I also emailed my thesis committee and told them about this snafu. I didn’t know if this was going to affect my defense at all, but since it’s Sunday, there was nothing I could do about it.

My parents came home from their morning errands to find me sobbing in my room because of this stupid form. I just felt so defeated that I really just wanted to give up on everything right then and there. I have repeatedly felt like a failure this past year and this was just putting me over the edge. (I’m also a ginormous hormone right now, so that’s not helping the cause in the slightest.)

About this time, it started storming here really bad. Our 11 year old dog found her way into my room and tried to make her way behind my recliner (she couldn’t fit). So, instead, she climbed her way onto my bed. I know she was only there b/c of the storm, but it was nice to have a giant dog to pet while my life crumbled around me.

A little while later, Robin called (I had texted her my TAD form woes) and talking to her helped a lot (thanks, girl!). I calmed myself down as much as I could and dragged myself upstairs for some food.

After lunch, I went back to my room to make some more CDs and finish packing what I could. Tornado sirens started wailing, so I shut down my computer and went back upstairs where my parents were watching the news. There was a tornado watch for our area, and the storm was heading right for our town. So, my mom and I gathered up some water, food, and other essentials (I grabbed all my thesis stuff, of course), and we all went back downstairs to our middle room where we remained for the next 40 minutes or so.

I am terrified of tornadoes. Besides E.T., tornadoes are my #1 fear (even though I’ve never been in one).

It got really dark around here and the rain was pouring off and on. Luckily we ended up being okay… though two tornadoes hit nearby. One hit just a couple miles from our house, whereas the other one hit Northern Minneapolis. There was a lot of destruction – felled trees, destroyed property and downed power lines (not in our neighborhood, thankfully) – and one fatality.

When we were in the clear, we went back upstairs to watch the news. We stayed there for probably an hour watching weather coverage. During the newscast, we actually saw a tornado form and touch down on one of the traffic cameras. It was the most bizarre and terrifying things I’ve ever seen. I hope never to see that again.

But, as horrible as today has been, everything turned out okay. We didn’t get hit with either of the tornadoes. It turns out the TADs form was only meant for Doctoral students (way to be, unclear/outdated TADs website… shit). So, all is okay.

I’m still not looking forward to the 15+ hour drive tomorrow.

(btw – Beyonce is singing “(Girls) Run the World” on the Billboard Awards right now… God, I love her. If I had a fraction of her talent and confidence, I would be ruling the world.)

So, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post this coming week while I’m in Ohio. But, expect an epic post about my thesis defense and the Glee finale at some point in the future…

Have a good one