I’m posting in the middle of the day, even though I should be packing for my trip…

But last night’s Saturday Night Live was all sorts of awesome, so I wanted to put some of the sketches up on my blog 🙂

I was all sorts of happy that they reprised the Merryville Brothers bit:


Taran Killam and Justin Timberlake were so on par with this, I can’t even put into words how amazed I am by the talent it takes to make this look legit and not cheesy.

One of my favorite Andy Samberg characters is when he plays Nic Cage. So, I was over-the-moon with this week’s “In the Cage” segment with Bradley Cooper 🙂


Lady Gaga was the music guest, but she featured heavily in other aspects of the show. NBC didn’t have the Liquorville sketch up (probably due to music rights), but they did have the Digital Short. I cracked up just seeing Susan Surandon and Patricia Clarkson again… but then Gaga showed up part was through and I laughed out loud some more. Because it’s not gay if it’s a 3-way…


As music guest, Gaga performed twice. She’s just an amazing performer. Even if you don’t like her wardrobe choices (which I do, because I like the persona she has created for herself… I mean, if I saw someone wearing that on my way into work I’d be like, “WTF?!,” but it’s totally acceptable for Gaga because she is just on a whole other level than the rest of us), you need to appreciate her musicianship and her commitment to her performances:


So yeah… it was an excellent show last night 🙂

And now I must pack…

Have a good one