But, since this blog was meant to track the process of my thesis defense, I thought I should let you know that I defended my thesis this afternoon and I PASSED!!!!!!!!

I still have to make some edits and meet with my thesis chair once more on Thursday… but it’s due next Friday and it’s gonna get done. I’m going to graduate in June, by hook or by crook. Woot.

Since I didn’t post yesterday, maybe I’ll recap the past couple days.

Yesterday morning I left my house at 4:45 in the morning… I had only gotten about an hour and half of sleep, so I was not in the best mood to be making a 14+ hour solo car ride to Ohio.

I had my CDs already stacked in the order I was going to listen to them… it was basically a Broadway mix, then a Glee CD, a StarKid and/or Darren Criss mix, a current pop music mix, and then the cycle would start all over again (I have 10 Broadway mixes, 8 or 9 different Glee mixes, 4 or 5 StarKid mixes, 3 Darren Criss mixes, and 5 or 6 current music mixes… and then some.)

I was bonkers tired so I kept drinking Coke Zero and eating gum drops, dried fruit and sesame sticks. My teeth were coated with sugar the whole day… it was kinda disgusting. (Sorry)

I was so tired, so my music was up loud… like whoa. Stuff from The Lonely Island and Lady Gaga were my staple songs. I must’ve sang along to “Jack Sparrow” and “Edge of Glory” probably 15 times apiece, no joke. (“Edge of Glory” may be my favorite Gaga song ever. It’s so good.)

Even though I was super tired, I only stopped 4 times on my trip – twice to get gas for my car, and twice to pee/call my mom and let her know I was still awake. I got to my friends house just after 8… it was so nice to see friendly faces after such a long, horrible drive.

This morning I was super duper nervous for my thesis defense. I met up with a friend from undergrad for lunch. We both couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen/talked to each other in a year. For communications majors, we suck at communicating. But we had a nice chat and it was just great to catch up.

After lunch, I walked around trying to track down the latest issue of GQ. I went to three bookstores before I ended up at CVS and they had it. I *needed* that spread w/Darren Criss in it like whoa. (i.e. I needed to be distracted from thesis stuff, and a Darren Criss fashion spread is the perfect deterrent.) I couldn’t even focus on the pretty pictures because I was so stressed.

But, I had my thesis defense from 3-5. And it was stressful, but it went all right. I was so nervous, but I think I handled myself all right. I did talk a bit too much about some stuff, but all in all, it went okay. And I passed! So that’s all that matters.

And afterward, I got some $4.50 Chinese and bought some treats for my friends and I for later.

I’m staying with my friends Molly and Ashley from grad school 🙂 Molly made us a super yummy dinner, and then we watched soem baseball. Now I’m gonna flip through some Idol and then GLEE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I will blog about that later tonight or tomorrow, I promise.)