So, this will likely be a quick post, as I’m tired and I should get to bed soon since I have to wake up in 9 1/2 hours to get ready for work. But, I should get back into the habit of posting nightly…

I actually slept last night. Like, a full 8 hours without interruption. Perhaps it was because I was physically exhausted from my time in Ohio and the 15+ hour drive I did yesterday without proper food intake (you don’t even want to know what kept me going yesterday…). Perhaps it was because I was in my bed, with my blankets and whatnot. Perhaps it was because my thesis stuff is almost officially finished.

Anyway, I friggin’ slept like a log. And it was AMAZING.

After breakfast, I went back to my room to see if the thesis people had accepted my final document. They had!! BUT, in their “congratulations on your document acceptance” email, they said to save the attached final document PDF to my computer and then upload it onto the proper website. Well… there was NO PDF ATTACHMENT. The three embedded links in their email were all to the website and instructions of how to upload the PDF. But they didn’t attach any PDF! And since it’s a holiday weekend, no one will see my email about their epic neglect of PDF inclusion until Tuesday. And the deadline is Friday… but still! I was hoping to get my paper uploaded today and send the link to my friend in Ohio who is going to print/bind my paper for me at their Kinkos. WHAT THE HELL, OHIO UNIVERSITY THESIS AND DISSERTATION SERVICES PEOPLE?!?!?!?! Jesus… can’t a girl just graduate already?

I even had my brother look over their email to make sure I hadn’t overlooked an obvious attachment. But he couldn’t find one either. BAH!

So, I vented to my mom for a hot minute, then got a shower and sang Starship songs at the top of my lungs, even though my voice is shot from the drive yesterday (I sang for 15+ hours straight to keep myself awake… I sound horrible today.). I then repainted my nails, while flipping through the latest issue of GQ (yes, I bought it for the Darren Criss photo spread. No regrets. It’s a damn fine spread. Also, GQ is actually a great magazine for girls to read. It’s chock-full of nice pictures of really attractive guys, the articles are actually pretty decent, but mostly it’s chock-full of really attractive guys. Day-yum…).

I then played 5 rounds of ping-pong with my brother… and I won! I beat him 3-2… and all the games I won, I played left-handed. So, that’s obviously working out for me. Woot woot.

Then we sat on the deck for awhile. My mom and I had a soda while my brother played his guitar. He’s one of those people… just kinda strums away playing DMB, John Mayer or America music.

Then I had to get ready for work… since I was gone for over a week, people were excited to see me and hear about my thesis stuff. My colleagues are so sweet – they were super happy for me 🙂

I ended up by myself for most of the night because I was in a non-busy area. (Though of course I had 2 customers buy a bunch of stuff as the store was closing… luckily they did, or I wouldn’t have met my sales goal.)

Speaking of sales goal… I now know why my charts indicate that I’m doing so poorly at work with regard to my sales and whatnot. Meeting 100% of my sale’s goal does NOT earn me full points with regards to my sales score. I’m supposed to be be making 120% or more of my sales goal in order to achieve full points. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT. I’ve been there for over 6 months and NO ONE told me that I’m supposed to be aiming for at least 20% more of my daily goal. So, here I am, thinking I’m doing awesome making 100% of my goal most of the time, but that’s not good enough to earn 100% of my sales points. WHAT THE HELL? Then why don’t you just give us bigger sales goals? No wonder it looks like I’m a huge slacker… because I only f-ing made 104% of my sales goal for the year so far… *This* is why I didn’t get my full raise. *This* is why I keep getting told that I need to be practically forcing people to buy stuff. Because I’ve only made 104% of my f-ing sales goal and not 120%. Well, EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME.

As my new manager was telling me this tonight, I was just thinking to myself how by the end of the week, I will be a Master of Science. And I will be looking for a job that won’t rely on me trying to force people to open store cards or having to be worried about other people stealing my customers. I will look for a job that will help me grow as a person and challenge me in areas I am passionate about… not a job that frowns upon me for only exceeding my ridiculous sales goals by 4% instead of recognizing that I work my ass off and almost meet my sales goal a majority of the time I work. Same with opening store accounts. I met my account goal, but that wasn’t good enough to earn full points. Nothing I do at my job is good enough for the higher ups because it’s all about the numbers. How have I not been fired yet?


Between the thesis people and my job, today could have been horrible. But, hopefully my thesis stuff will get sorted out on Tuesday. And I will not be working at this job for too much longer… a couple months tops.

So, here’s what I say to them:

(btw – I’m seeing Glee Live on Wednesday… I’m going to be in the same arena as Darren Criss. Cue me having a shit-eating-grin on my face for the entire night… pictures to come, yo. Pictures to come…)

Have a good one