… because I am feeling like crap.

I totally slept fine the past two nights. And today, while watching Tron: Legacy I fell asleep for about an hour (what an unnecessary and horrendously boring sequel). But I am just feeling completely lethargic.

I had to go to work for several hours today, and I was super busy, so I was go go go the whole time (way to schedule me all by myself in my work area during wedding season, workplace, while everyone else had triple coverage…). My throat is still super scratchy from the other day, so I wasn’t sounding 100%. And I had some extra challenging customers today on top of it all… but I somehow made it through okay. And I opened an account. And I was 154% to my sales goal. So, suck it, workplace. Suck it hard.

By time I got home from work around 3:15, I just wanted to curl up into a ball and stay there forever. I kinda did… after I checked my email and changed into comfy clothes, my brother and I started watching Batman Begins. I stretched out on the couch with my Glee pillow and OU blanket and was completely content. After awhile, it was dinner time (pizza Sunday, yo!), so we took out Batman and put in Tron: Legacy. After I finished with my pizza is when I just fell asleep. I mean, I love Jeff Bridges, but the CGI/Benjamin Buttoned version was so horribly done… you’d think with all the technology available to Disney that they would have been able to make the young version of Kevin and then Clu look way better than they ended up looking. For shame, Disney. For shame.

The movie just wasn’t reeling me in. The rest of the graphics were pretty amazing, but the plot wasn’t that great and it stole a lot of story points and visual shots from the Star Wars series.

When that was over, my brother and dad started watching The Last Action Hero. I hadn’t seen that movie in forever, but because I’m feeling so weird, I opted to pack it in early. So, here it is, 9:47 pm, and I am in bed, abouts ready to read for a little bit and then go to sleep. I have to work from 11:15-6:45 tomorrow (boo), but then I have 4 days off to get out of this funk. I best feel better in time for Glee Live on Wednesday night… I need to be at 100% for that so I can fully appreciate the amazingness that is Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. Woot woot.

Well, I’m off for the night… gonna read a bit while I finish my cough drop.

Have a good one