So, this morning, I checked my email and saw that the Thesis and Dissertation people at OU apologized for not sending the electronically signed PDF they were supposed to send me on Friday. They did send it to me this morning, so I uploaded my thesis onto the proper website.

Done! Right?


Later this afternoon I got another email from them saying that the PDF I uploaded to the website (which was the very same PDF they sent me this morning) was not electronically signed and that they would have to upload the signed version onto the website.

Well… hell.

I totally uploaded the same PDF they sent me this morning. Ergo, it *should* have been the right one. Unless the one they sent me was the wrong one… JESUS. Can’t a girl just be done with her thesis already?

On the plus side, though, my friend Ashley is the most amazing friend ever and she printed out my thesis and had it bound today, so the hard copy of my paper is already in the hands of the head of the graduate journalism program. WOOT WOOT. So, the life lesson here is I can count on my friend, but not on the people whose actual job it is is to make sure all the thesis stuff goes off without a hitch. So, THANK YOU Ashley 🙂

So, the high I felt today when I thought I was all done with thesis stuff has been quashed, but I’m still on a bit of a high because tomorrow night is friggin’ GLEE LIVE in Minneapolis. And my brother is letting me borrow a memory card for my camera so I can take over 1,000 10-Megapixel pictures if I wanted too instead of just 30 (b/c the memory card I have sucks). So, here’s hoping I get some friggin’ sweet shots of my favorite Glee people… you best be believing I will be taking a bajillion pictures of Darren Criss, the other Warblers and Chris Colfer. Like whoa. LIKE WHOA. I promise I will post some pictures later this week.

Other than thesis-related stuff, today was mostly uneventful. My mom and I played tennis for an hour, but it was so windy that it was extra challenging to play well. I mean, we don’t play well as it is, but the wind made it a bajillion times worse. We laughed so hard… so it was totally worth it.

I also got the latest issue of Rolling Stone in the mail (Lady Gaga is on the cover – great article about Mother Monster. “Edge of Glory” is my favorite Lady Gaga song of all time. It’s just so 80stastic and wonderful.) I also got my Starship DVD in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to rewatch it in all it’s edited together glory. I listen to songs from that show pretty much everyday, so it’ll be totally awesome to be able to watch the DVD whenever I want!

I didn’t get to watch any Starship today, but we did finish watching The Living Daylights. Not the best Bond movie ever, but j’adore Timothy Dalton (he’s my 3rd favorite Bond), so it was fun to rewatch it. Then, later on we watched The Voice. I didn’t quite agree with who some of the judges kept, but I find that show super fascinating. Plus, Adam Levine makes for great television because he kind of just says whatever it is on his mind, regardless how PC it is. Four for you, Adam Levine. You are f-ing adorable.

Well, I should head to bed. My throat is still epically scratchy and I need to rest before Glee Live tomorrow, as I have a feeling I am going to be audibly freaking out by time the Warblers take the stage. I know my mom is already way embarrassed to be going to this concert with me… and I don’t think she’s fully aware of the potential I have to freak out tomorrow. Or maybe she is… either way, I know she’ll be shaking her head at me for days to come.

Have a good one!