June 2011

My theory is, if it’s cold outside, you can always layer up and get yourself warmer. When it’s 100 degrees out, there’s nothing much you can do once you’re down to a tank top and shorts. Just sayin’… I kinda miss the cold weather.

My grandparents are coming tomorrow (there was a change of plans…), so my mom and I did various chores and activities today to get the place ready. We went to the library (my mom finished her massive stack of books and needed some more…). I returned some DVDs I didn’t watch and I book I didn’t read in exchange for 2 more DVDs I likely won’t watch and a couple books I’ll attempt to get through (one is an autobiography of someone who survived the Titanic, and the other is a book by Gregory Maguire that I haven’t read yet. I’ve read all of his books except for the one I got out today… and to be honest, I haven’t really liked any of them. But I feel that I should like his work. I mean, I know Wicked the musical is VASTLY different than his book, but some part of me feels like I should keep giving him chances. We’ll see after this one…).

After the library, we got some bagels (we’re coming down to the final day of food poisoning repercussions, I can feel it… so bagels are safe to eat b/c they are just carbs and nothing crazy… at least that’s our rationale…) to eat for lunch and then we played some ping pong. In 90+ degree weather. Not our finest idea of the day, but we thought the garage was cool, temperature-wise. After 20 minutes of ping pong, though, it wasn’t feeling so awesome anymore.

We had bagels and watched some tennis. I love watching Wimbledon with my mom because we used to watch it every summer together, ever since I was a baby. The semi-finals for the women were on today. Somehow, the women’s matches have been less entertaining to watch than the men’s… I think it’s because the men volley more, whereas the women are mostly getting points because of botched returns or double faults. Boo.

Post-bagels, I cleaned a bit downstairs and threw my laundry in the dryer while my mom vacuumed and ironed. Then, we both had to sew buttons back onto some items of clothing. I suck at sewing in general, but I am very competent when it comes to sewing buttons. Woot woot. I called my mom Betsy Ross and we both laughed as we remembered when my little brother dressed up like Betsy Ross for some school project. It was hilarious.

When my dad got home later, we watched another episode of Band of Brothers, and then the Glee re-run, “Sexy.” Not my most favorite episode of the season because I only really dug a couple of the song choices, but I did love that there was some quality Klaine scenes (including the Warblers version of “Animal,” which j’adore), a great Burt/Blaine scene and then, of course, Burt giving Kurt the sex talk. Burt is the greatest television father of all time. I will keep typing this until my capral tunnel kicks in. Burt is the BEST. I wrote a big blog post about this episode when it first aired. If you want, you can read that HERE.

And that’s about all that happened today…

… except that I just remembered that I totally got my Darren Criss EP in the mail today (!). Of course I already have the five songs on it on my iTunes, but I wanted a physical copy of the CD to have with the stack of magazines, Glee/Warblers stuff and StarKid stuff I have piling up around here.

I write about Darren Criss quite often on here as it is, but a few weeks ago I decided it was time for me to join the Darren Criss Street Team (DCST). It’s a group of people who are really passionate about his music and the other projects he’s worked on. I don’t personally know any of the other people in the group (there’s, like, thousands of people who are a part of this… all through social media), but I like being a part of it because (1) I totally am a big supporter of all-things Darren Criss and (2) it’s nice being a part of a group who has a shared interest.

So, just to be forewarned, I will continue to write about Darren Criss on here. And I’ll post video clips and link out to articles and stuff. I know a lot of people are just aware of him as Blaine on Glee (and to be honest, that’s how I first heard of him), but his music is really great and the theater group he’s part of, StarKid, is totally awesome 🙂

It’s hard to pick just one favorite song of his, but one I listen to a lot is “I Still Think”. (I like this version of the song because he keeps breaking his guitar strings.) Enjoy 🙂

Have a good one

OMG, work was sooooooooo sloooooooooooow today. There was, like, no one there! And I had a long shift 😦 There was a new girl in my work area, so I did get to show her around and answer some questions and try and help her out best I could. She’s really nice and we talked about movies (always a good topic when you talk with me 🙂 ).

Work was beyond slow, so the day dragged on forever. I got home in time to see the very end of The Voice. I was so glad that (spoiler alert) Javier won 🙂 All 4 remaining people deserved to win, but I think he needed it the most. I’m really glad he won – I’d buy his album (I’ll buy the other 3 peoples albums too 🙂 )

Um… after The Voice, my parents and I finally watched the end of Hereafter. Oh, Matty D. How I love you so.

And now I’m in bed, getting ready to read for a little bit before I go to sleep. I still am feeling a bit off from the food poisoning… though I’m coming out of it quicker than my mom. Poor lady. Hopefully we’ll completely get over this soon.

Have a good one

So, it turns out that I was feeling so off yesterday/last night/this morning is because I had food poisoning. My mom and I came to this conclusion because she got sick too… and we both had eaten the same thing yesterday. So, thanks a lot, potato salad from our local grocery store. I shan’t be eating you again ever.

I kept better hydrated at work today, so at least I wasn’t as dizzy. Yay for water!

Thank you, Vicky and Laura, for your “get better” messages – they were much appreciated 🙂

Today was as chill as it could be, despite feeling sick and still having to go to work. Work went okay – I was consistently busy for the most part, which always helps. I was alone again in my work area, but I was thankful that I was able to take my break. Sometimes it helps to just sit and clear your head for a bit.

I was out of work by 3:30, so I drove home and changed into my comfy clothes (that automatically makes me feel better… soccer shorts and a t-shirt are infinitely more comfortable than my work ensemble). I had a drink with my mom and then snuggled my dogs for a bit (also something that automatically makes me feel better). I checked some email and then sat outside with Moose while my mom dismantled some latices that we didn’t need anymore. We made pancakes and watched some Glee (Season 1 Episode 4, “Preggers”… aka the episode where Kurt does the “Single Ladies” dance several times. Woot. We only watched about 15 minutes, but that meant 2 “Single Ladies” dances… woot woot.)

And now here we are, chillin’ in the living room watching The Voice. I really like all four of the remaining contestants (Vicki, Javier, Dia and Beverly), so I really don’t care who wins. I just hope they all end up with recording contracts, because I would listen to solo albums from all of them. The top 8 contestants from the show are going on tour, but they aren’t coming anywhere near where I live right now. If they were coming here, I’d totally go see them, but I’m not driving for hours to see their show. Sorry, Voice contestants.

Well… I’m gonna lay down and watch the show.

Have a good one

(P.S. Javier is singing his original song right now… the people who write the original songs for the American Idol contestants should take note. AI original songs suck, but Javier’s song is pretty decent.)

I crawled into bed before 9 pm tonight (I’m updating this blog from underneath my blankets, surrounded by Yoda Buddy and a box of tissues). I feel really weird, so this will likely be a super short post so I can get to sleep as soon as possible.

I slept in again (only until 8:45), so I figured something was up. I worked all of this afternoon and I felt really dizzy. I tried to drink as much water as I could (we’re not allowed to have water bottles at our work areas, but I bring one anyway, as the nearest drinking fountain is far away from my work area and I was the only one working there… so I couldn’t leave even if I needed to). And I have some non-sugar free cough drops in my pocket, so I had a couple of those throughout my shift, but they were pretty useless. I mean, my sore throat was helped, but I thought that little bit of sugar would give me a temporary kick. It did not.

So, I drank a whole bottle of water on my drive home and another with dinner. I laid down on the couch to watch HIMYM reruns, but was still feeling weird. I tried to get up to get some tylenol and a drink at the commercial break, but I got too dizzy again. So, my mom offered to get me what I needed from the kitchen… I took the pills about 2 hours ago, but they haven’t kicked in. I doubt they will. I’m 99% sure I’m immune to over-the-counter painkillers. I’m still thirsty too, but I’m going to float away if I have anything else to drink right now. Alas.

I’m hoping to wake up feeling better tomorrow. I work all morning and afternoon, but then I have tomorrow evening to rest a bit. Yay.

Have a good one

Somehow I ended up staying up until almost 2 am last night… I read until 1, but then couldn’t sleep. So I accidentally slept in until 9:45. I must have needed it… I only sleep in that late when I’m sick or utterly exhausted.

So, after some fruit for breakfast, I threw some laundry in the washing machine and finished up writing something I was working on last night. To kill some time before lunch, I sorted through another bag of clothes in my room… I need to figure out how to make those t-shirt quilts. I would be able to get rid of 2 huge bags of shirts… one quilt would be family/school-related shirts, and the other would be Broadway/movie-realted shirts. And they would be massive quilts… I didn’t realize I had so many shirts. Yikes.

During lunch, my mom and I started watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We didn’t make it in to far before she had to get back outside and I had to get back to my computer. After putting my clothes in the dryer, I went online for a bit to look for jobs and whatnot. I submitted a few applications and bookmarked several more. I need to work on cover letters. Bah.

After a few hours of hunching over my laptop, my mom came downstairs and said she needed a break from weeding. So, we had a drink and then played some ping pong. A few rounds later, we were both knackered, so she went to go get dinner and a newspaper and I folded my laundry and fed the dogs.

We munched on fried chicken and coleslaw and drank Arnold Palmers while we finished the rest of Half-Blood Prince. We only have one more DVD to go!! But, we’re going to saw Deathly Hallows Part I until it’s a bit closer to the release date of Deathly Hallows Part II.

We played some more ping pong. She won 7 games in a row, even though she was more tired than I was… I don’t know how she does it. We were laughing so hard I had to absent myself from the garage to try and catch my breath and wipe the tears out of my eyes so I could have somewhat of a chance to see the ping pong ball.

And that was our day… even though I slept in like whoa, I did manage to be productive.

I have to go to work tomorrow (boo), but only for a few hours. I only have to work Monday-Wednesday this week, and then my grandparents will be here on Thursday!!!!!! I haven’t seen them since last March, so it’ll be nice to have a visit with them. I have no idea what we’re going to do while they are here, but it’ll be nice to see family 🙂

Have a good one

All I did today was watch Harry Potter movies and play ping pong – both activities with my mom. We were epic wastes of space, but it kinda felt awesome. My mom is usually go go go with house chores and gardening. She was going to paint part of the house today, but it looked like rain, so we ended up alternating playing a bunch of rounds of ping pong and managed to watch the rest of Goblet of Fire and the whole of Order of the Phoenix. She hadn’t seen Order of the Phoenix, so it was vital she watch it, obviously.

I really don’t have much else to write right now. I should be job hunting and whatnot, but I will get on with that tomorrow. For reals.

Right now, I’m going to write out something I’ve been working on and then read for a bit. I’m uber tired, so I’ll probably pack it in earlier than usual… hopefully.

Have a good one

So, this is going to be an epically short post, as I am about to head to bed. However, I just had to comment how incredibly happy I am that New York legalized same-sex marriage. 🙂

This is really big… and I hope other states are taking note and following suite as soon as possible.

Equality for all US citizens should be common practice by now, but it’s not. So this legalization of gay marriage in New York is a really big deal and I am super thankful that it happened.

You can call me naive, but I still cannot understand for the life of me how it’s 2011 and all consenting adult couples who love each other don’t have the right to marry whomever they want, regardless of sexual orientation? I mean, if this 51 year old-actor guy can marry a 16 year old girl, then why on earth can’t two consenting adults of the same sex get married?

Anyway… I’m glad New York stepped up for marriage equality.

Have a good one

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