So, Glee Live was AMAZING! I’ll post some pictures soon… I didn’t get any really awesome ones of Darren Criss, unfortunately (it’s like my camera KNEW I wanted to get his picture, but then my camera rebelled like whoa), but I did get some pretty great group shots and whatnot.

But, besides Glee Live – on the thesis front, I am (I think) 100% done with my thesis stuff! I got the “Katie Labovitz has completed the TAD process” email this morning… after a few emails to TAD Services and the head of the graduate journalism department. He sent in my paperwork last week, but it physically got stuck in someone else’s pile (damn staples), so it didn’t get turned in until today when he inquired to the person he gave it to whether they turned it in or not. Geez, can’t a girl graduate already?

But, everything should be a-okay now. I think. Fingers crossed, yo.

Well, I’m gonna post some stuff on FB and then read a bit and then sleep… I’ll post Glee pictures on here tomorrow night. I’m supposed to be going to an amusement park tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have some funny pictures/stories from there too.

Have a good one.