I was up way later than I should have been last night, because I had to convert some video from mp4 to I don’t even know what so it would play on my iPod. I don’t get it – I never had trouble putting mp4s on my iPod before, but all of a sudden, it’s like “sorry, bro, but there is an error trying to upload XYZ”. Bah. So, I figured out how to do it, but it takes awhile, and I was up until after 1 working on it. I have a better rhythm going now, but there are still a few videos I’ll need to convert. Not tonight, though. Not tonight.

I woke up earlier than I wanted, but because of that, I ended up getting to watch almost all of the French Open Men’s Finals today. It was Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal… and even though I was totally rooting for Federer, Nadal won in 4 sets.

I friggin’ love watching tennis. Especially when John McEnroe is a commentator 🙂 (“You cannot be serious!”) I have been watching tennis every summer for as long as I can remember. I can’t wait until it’s time for Wimbledon!!

A couple years ago, I wrote an article for The Post (Ohio University’s student-run newspaper… I can’t find the link to my own article – for shame!) about how there is an epic lack of movies about tennis. I can only name a handful off the top of my head, and they are all pretty awful. In my article, I had some suggestions for if someone made a movie about tennis people, here’s who should be cast as current tennis players, based on look: Seann William Scott would be Andy Roddick (obviously), Ryan Kwanten would be Nadal, and I said Emile Hirsch should play Federer. However, I think Darren Criss would actually make a good contender for that role as well. (I know I talk – well, write – about him a lot on here, but he totally looks like Federer. For reals.) I don’t know if any of these actors can play tennis, but they, I feel, look most like the athletes. Right?

I just wish someone would make a good tennis movie. Is that too much to ask?

Besides tennis, I watched then end of Batman Begins and the beginning of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I also spent a decent chuck of the day with my brother, going through 30 years-worth of pictures my mom has stored on her computer. We went backwards, so, we went from college, to high school to middle school, to elementary school, to birth to pre-existence. It was pretty bizarre and wonderful at the same time. I have seen almost all of these pictures before, but there are some that make me smile and laugh every time I see them, regardless how many times I see them. 🙂 So many holidays. So many family trips. So many memories. So many Cosby sweaters (good God, we wore some horrible, horrible sweaters/sweatshirts back in the day). I got to see dogs we had when I was little. Puppy-versions of the dogs we have right now. I got to see the faces of grandparents and great grandparents who are no longer with us. Halloween costumes (one of my personal favorites was when I dressed up like Frida Kahlo). Christmas presents. Shenanigans. Softball teams. Band concerts. Graduations. The whole nine yards… I love taking trips down memory lane 🙂

Except for when the memories aren’t totally awesome. Let’s just say my parents took us to Applebees for dinner because my mom didn’t want to turn on the oven for pizza Sunday (which was totally understandable… it was warm today and we didn’t want to heat up the house any more than it already was). Applebees has been the location of multiple incidents from multiple states I’ve lived in, and I would be completely content if I never stepped foot in one again. But, since my mom is the boss around these parts, I kept my trap shut and ate my chicken wrap like a normal person.

And really, that’s about as productive as I was today. I did unpack (finally) from my trip to Ohio the other week. You can kinda see the floor in my room… and I re-hung all of the stuff from my garment bag that I pretty much dumped all over the floor while I was trying to pack to leave to go to Ohio.

My brother is leaving tomorrow and I won’t see him until the end of July. It’s been a good visit and I’ll miss him. But, like I wrote yesterday, my sister is coming to visit next week!!!! YAY!!!!

I have to work tomorrow from 9:45-6:15. What a hellish shift. Plus, since it’s Monday, I’ll likely be by myself in my work area, which means I probably won’t get any breaks because there are never enough people working at the same time. Such is life. I just gotta keep thinking to myself – this is *not* my career. I’ll be out of there as soon as I find an awesomer job in a field related to my major(s).

Well, I should get going… gotta get some sleep tonight since I didn’t get much last night!

Have a good one