Today was an uber long day at work. As predicted, I was by myself the entire shift (9:45-6:15), though someone did come to give me a break! That was totally unexpected, as usually no one comes to our work area to give us our paid breaks. So, that was a nice surprise.

I was mostly busy at work, even though it was a Monday. I was thankful for that, as it kept me awake and helped make the time pass. I really wish they would play better music there, but that’s not up to me (as most things are not up to me…).

After work, I got home to find that my parents had just got done grilling turkey burgers. We were all like nom nom nom nom and watched some reruns of HIMYM.

Then, at 9, I saw there was some sort of DCI show on on PBS. So, the band dork that lives deep, deep down inside of me came to the surface and spent an hour watching drum corps.

For those of you not in the know, DCI stands for “Drum Corps International“. It’s brass, percussion and color guard. And it’s kinda neat. Back when I was in high school (and totally in band/marching band… go ahead and laugh), I thought DCI was the bees knees. Our marching band marched with the Blue Coats once, and I saw a DCI competition another time, and then once when I visited my sister, we went and saw a DCI competition at a movie theater (it was one of those one-night-only concert events that some movie theaters put on). Though, my first DCI memory was actually at my grandparents house when I was little… I remember seeing it on TV and seeing Santa Clara Vanguard do a Phantom of the Opera show. I also have a distinct memory of seeing video of Santa Clara Vanguard do a Miss Saigon show… so I don’t know if it was just a bunch of Santa Clara Vanguard clips put together, but I totally remember seeing this and thinking it was pretty cool. My favorite corps over the years has always bee the Madison Scouts, though. I don’t know why… I just always dug them the most.

Besides having a secret love of DCI, I was always a big fan of Blast! too. I remember watching the DVD, but then getting to see them live at OU when I was in undergrad. Then, when I lived in Indiana w/my sister, we actually got to go see one of their rehearsals b/c she knew someone (or knew someone who knew someone) in the show. It was friggin’ awesome. The whole show is epic, but my favorite bits are Bolero de Ravel, Gee Officer Krupke, and Simple Gifts

I’m a dork, I know 🙂

Well, on that note, I think I shall read for a bit and then head to bed

Have a good one!