So, it got up to 103 degrees today here in the Twin Cities. To that I say, “Buh-WHAT?!”

I wasn’t outside for a long period of time today, and luckily it was super windy. I didn’t realize it was over 100 degrees today until I was watching the news during dinner.

It was a semi-productive day, but not really.

I woke up around 8:30 and crawled upstairs for some breakfast. My mom and I decided to see the 10:55 showing of The Hangover Part II (as my mom did not like my other two options – Thor or X-Men: First Class).

After breakfast I went back down to my room to try and get some computer stuff done before we left. A bit into my computer stuff, my mom came to my room and told me there was a baby robin in our water garden. I quickly shut down my computer and ran upstairs to the deck… sure enough, there was the most adorable chubby baby robin sitting in a potted plant in the middle of our water garden.

For the next 10 minutes or so, my mom and I (she with a shovel, me with a trowel), went around various parts of our yard to dig up some worms to feed the baby robin. We collected a fair few and went back to the deck so my mom could feed the little guy (girl?). The baby robin was sooooooooo cute taking the worms out of my mom’s fingers. He was so hungry! We didn’t know if we should try and get him (her?) out of the water garden, so we left him/her there while we went to the movie and hoped that he/she would be there when we got back.

So, The Hangover II was pretty horrible. Which is a total shame because the first one was sooooooooooo good. Sooooooooo good. Sure it was crass, but it was funny as hell.

The sequel – not as such. There were a few funny parts. Most of those parts were the same ones they showed us over and over again in the trailer.

The plot was similar (upcoming wedding, Phil/Stu/Allen have one f**cked-up night and lose someone and have to retrace their steps to (1) figure out what happened and (2) find their missing person before the wedding), but the level of quality comedy was seriously lacking.

I am all for crass humor. But I am also all for a decent plot. And this movie’s plot was just not on par with the first one. I cannot stress enough how disappointing it is when a good movie has a sequel that doesn’t live up said original good movie.

When we got home from the meh movie this afternoon, we checked on our robin friend. He/she was still in the water garden, but his/her mama was on the deck railing. So, we were super glad he/she was still alive, and we were glad that the mama was trying to feed her baby. But, we also knew we had to get the baby robin out of the water garden because he wasn’t able to fly out on his/her own. I grabbed a shoe box and my mom filled it with newspaper. We went out on the deck and she went to get him/her out of the water garden, and the baby robin flipped out, as did the mama robin. My mom got the baby robin out, but instead of getting him/her into the box, he/she squirmed his/her way out of my mom’s hands and onto the deck… then hopped down the deck stairs and scooted into one of our gardens. The mama robin almost attacked my mom. There was lots of angry robin sounds and it got a bit scary there for a bit. My mom and I went back inside and looked out through the living room windows. The mama robin hung out in a tree for awhile, but we weren’t able to see the baby robin again the rest of the day. Hopefully he/she is okay.

Once all the baby robin excitement died down, I put on some Starship while I ate lunch. While it’s not my favorite StarKid production (I think that honor goes to A Very Potter Sequel, closely followed by A Very Potter Musical), I still love it a lot. I listen to the soundtrack all the time. And now that I have the DVD, I can watch it whenever I want 🙂

After lunch, I went back to my room (which is thankfully the coolest room in the house) to try and work on my resume and start a job hunt.

Job hunting is daunting. I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to do it at. All the jobs I was looking at were in New York or California. And a lot of the jobs I saw listed were ones that started immediately. How is this supposed to work? I’ll be applying for jobs likely all over the country, but there is pretty much no way I can start anything immediately because I live in the middle of the country. My eye has been twitching like whoa for a few days, so I’m already way stressed about this job hunt and I only just got started. Should I just move somewhere and *then* find a job? Or should I just apply to a bunch of places and hope that someone will be forgiving in the fact that I am super far away for the time being, and it’s not possible to start a job the very next day because I live so far away from everything. Bah

Also Bah is I checked my DARS (Ohio University’s weird way of keeping track of courses you take and is a way to monitor if you are on track to graduate on time) to see what my GPA was so I could put that on my resume. Well, my GPA is 3.804 (not too shabby, I guess.. my lowest cumulative GPA ever, but I can deal with it), but my DARS indicated that I had not yet completed my Journalism Capstone Component (i.e. my thesis). And, as we all know – I totally completed my thesis last week. I got my email from the Thesis and Dissertation people that said I was done with my TAD process.

So, a little red flag went off in my mind… graduation is this friday. (I’m not physically going, but I’m still supposed to be graduating.) I finished all my classes. I finished all my requirements. I finished my thesis. But, since my DARS doesn’t say that I finished it, will I still be able to graduate on Friday? I’m thinking yes, but I emailed the contact person just in case. I have had so much thesis drama, I really would appreciate if something went my way, thesis-wise, for once.

My resume-fixing and job-hunting will continue on Thursday, as I have to work all day tomorrow. Hopefully by thursday, all the graduation stuff will be sorted out too.

In the meantime, I’m watching The Voice. I like this show a lot… it’s nice to hear real singers, as opposed to people who are digitally enhanced like a lot of artists are these days. I still don’t quite understand the rules to this show, but I do enjoy the judges (Adam Levine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I like a bunch of the contestants. Tonight was the first live show, and I loves that the judges opened with a Queen medley. Damn, Adam Levine on guitar is the bees knees…

Well, I’m gonna keep watching the show.

Have a good one!