So, I didn’t make any progress today on updating my resume or job hunting. I seriously will get to work on both these things this weekend, as I have the weekend off and I won’t have (m)any distractions.

Instead, I spent the day consuming popular culture and playing ping pong with my mom (and I totally won one of the games… woot woot).

I titled my post “back to the beginning(s)” because everything I watched today represented the start, or beginning, of something bigger than itself.

I woke up this morning in plenty of time to go to the 11:05 showing of X-Men: First Class. I was one of two females in attendance… (though, to be fair, I think there were maybe only 18 people in the whole theater).

X-Men: First Class was AWESOME. Now, I haven’t read any of the comic books, but I’ve seen X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand a bajillion times apiece. (I also saw Wolverine… but I consider that to be one of the worst movies of all time and also not really important to the X-Men film series since it really only has to do with Logan/Wolverine and not really any of the other X-Men characters we were introduced to in the original trilogy…). And even though X-Men: First class is a prequel (or perhaps rather a reboot) of the series, and therefore was not restricted to go along with anything established in the original trilogy, it still felt like it was part of the series. And it “introduced” us to the characters we’re already super familiar with… but this new (for me) back story was completely fascinating, told in a fairly coherent and “believable” manner, and really set up some of the key players in the X-Men canon.

Since I don’t read the comics, I especially appreciated this movie because I was always interested in how Professor X and Magneto first came to meet, befriend each other, and then split off into opposing teams of mutants. I thought this film’s plot was great – albeit very, very historically inaccurate (at least I’m pretty sure that mutants had nothing to do with the Cuban Missile Crisis 😉 ). But I enjoyed seeing how the X-Men came to be, the beginnings of Cerebro, as well as the introduction of some pretty kickass X-Men.

I was way more invested in this film than I thought I was going to be. I won’t spoil anything for you, but it’s common knowledge that in the original trilogy, Professor X is in a wheelchair. In X-Men: First Class, he isn’t… but you totally find out how he gets put in one. And that scene (among others between Professor X and Magneto) really got to me… as it, it evoked real feelings from me. As in, I was on the edge of my seat and audibly said, “No!”.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were PERFECTLY cast as Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Their on-screen chemistry was really brilliant and both are very, very capable dramatic actors and that really enhanced their performances in this film. And I really liked Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) and Nicholas Hoult (Beast) too. Very fine young actors… also good casting.

I walked away from the movie super content with how it turned out. I also wondered to myself why Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale have never been cast as brothers in anything yet… they totally look alike and both are amazing actors.

After the movie, I drove around the mall to the DSW (almost getting hit twice by idiotic drivers on the way… geez). Though I saw lots of cute shoes, I was not about to pay $30 for wedges when I just got some for $8. So, maybe in a few weeks they’ll be more on sale.

I got home to find my parents in the backyard trying to fix our pond pump (success!). I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I went inside and munch on a pulled barbequed beef and coleslaw sandwich (don’t knock it till you try it). I popped in a Glee DVD and watched the first half of “Never Been Kissed” (Season 2, episode 6). I watched the episode up through “Teenage Dream” but then stopped to play some ping pong with my mom.

This episode of Glee, though not technically at the beginning of the series, was a huge beginning for me, because it was the first episode that Darren Criss was on as Blaine Anderson, and this epically amazing guest-star casting introduced me to StarKid as well as Darren Criss’s solo music projects. So, because of this one little episode, I now have 13+ hours of his music on my iPod, 10+ hours of various Glee and StarKid videos on my iPod, drove hundreds of miles to see StarKid perform in person, and is the reason I went to see Glee Live a couple weeks ago in Minneapolis.

Besides being completely entertained by all the music, television, video and live theater stuff, I’m also super inspired by Criss and the rest of the members of StarKid. I appreciate their talents, really respect their “let’s put on a show” attitude, and am super impressed by the amount of creativity and artistic abilities of these people.

So, every time I watch the “Never Been Kissed” episode of Glee, I am reminded of all of this and I smile/am thankful for the whole world of new stuff to which it introduced me. Plus, “Teenage Dream” is pretty much one of my most favorite Glee performances ever. I mean, how can you not absolutely love this?:

After Glee, I ping ponged with my mom… we only played 4 games, but I totally won one of them! Woot! Then my mom had to help my dad fix something in the garden, so I went inside to get on my computer. Instead of working on resume/job hunt stuff, I had to look at something to do with my current job. They sent me this CD and left a bunch of messages on my phone saying as an employee, I had to fill out something on our employee website. So, i spent a good chunk of time trying to decipher everything, only to find that I really didn’t have to do anything because I’m not getting any benefits from the company.

Later tonight, after dinner and stuff, I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I totally watched Deathly Hallows Part I last week, but I wanted to rewatch the entire series from the start in preparation for Deathly Hallows Part II.

I don’t even remember the last time I watched Sorcerer’s Stone. It must have been when I was in undergrad. It’s my least favorite of the films, and it’s hard to watch because the latter films are so much more superior (Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite, though… mostly b/c Lupin is my favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor…).

But, even though I haven’t seen Sorcerer’s Stone in forever, I still remember all of the dialogue, and found myself chiming in with the lines before the characters had a chance to spit them out.

Also, it was easy to remember everything because I’ve watched and rewatched A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel a bunch of times over the past 6 months or so (thank you, StarKid!) and a lot of the plot/dialogue is similar.

I am a huge HP fan, and have been since undergrad. I bought books 1-4 and was hooked… enough so that I went to midnight releases for books 5-7, have seen all of the films in theaters (often more than once), have all the movies on DVD or Blu-ray, have an HP shirt and scarf, and desperately want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter down in Florida. I need a wand and some butterbeer. Obviosuly. 🙂

Though I have been a fan of HP since undergrad, it was actually my brother who got me to the see the first movie. At the time, I didn’t even know what or who Harry Potter was. But, my brother had read the book and asked to see the movie when it came out, so my mom took my siblings and I to see it. I wasn’t hooked on Potter until the second movie (my friend, Danielle, and I made Dueling Club shirts to wear to the theater… I ended up making shirts for movies 2-5… the shirts for 3-5 are actually quite good, if I do say so myself… the Dueling Club shirt is pretty elementary when compared to the others.). But, I have been a fan ever since… and I’m gonna be super sad to see the series end with Deathly Hallows Part II.

But, I’ll always have the books, the movies, and the StarKid musicals… so it’s not like Harry Potter will ever really end. And that’s comforting 🙂

Well, I’m off to read, actually… not HP, though Deathly Hallows is lying next to my bed right now.

Have a good one!