This’ll be epically short because basically all I did today was go to work.

Oh, well, I guess I also graduated from graduate school. But I am hesitant to full-out celebrate quite yet because I checked my DARS this morning and they were still messed up, saying that I haven’t fulfilled my Journalism Capstone Component (my thesis) or fulfill the correct amount of thesis hours. And, I have fulfilled both of these things, so I don’t see why my DARS doesn’t reflect that. So, this morning before I left for work, I emailed the dean of the communications school, my advisor/graduate director of the j-school, and another woman in the graduate office to inform them that (1) my DARS is still messed up (even though I informed them of that a few days ago) (2) that I have been having a lot of trouble in general with various entities at the school which handle thesis/graduation-related matters and (3) if there was any way someone could just let me know if I actually graduated today or if because of all of these obstacles I’ve been facing over the past few months, if I somehow got robbed of my graduation day. (I didn’t word it like that, but I was thinking it in my head, for sure)

So, since I don’t want to read bad news or emails from academics right before I go to sleep, I will be dealing with that tomorrow morning (it’s not going to make a difference if I read it now or later anyway… it’s 11:30 pm in Ohio and it’s the weekend… no one would answer an email until Monday morning anyway).

And so I shall read for a bit and go to sleep… and dream about the upcoming Tony Awards on Sunday. I cannot WAIT!! Plus, my sister should be in town for them!!! EXCELLENT! We love Broadway 🙂 We’ve seen 15 or 16 shows together. I’ll post some clips and whatnot from my favorite shows this weekend!

Have a good one