… Not that she has anything to do with my blog (b/c she doesn’t), but I opted to spend time with my family instead of going to my room early to type on this thing.

So… let’s play catch up from Sunday, shall we?

My sister came to town literally 5 minutes after the Tony Awards started. We’ve watched the Tonys together almost every year for the past fifteen years or so (except for the summer she was out of the country… then I watched them with our friend Michael). She and I have seen 15 or 16 Broadway shows together and we LOVE Broadway. We haven’t been in a couple years (well, she went to a show last year with our mom), so we weren’t super familiar with most of the plays nominated this year. But we enjoyed most of the musical numbers (except for the Spider-Man one… I can’t see how that show is going to last more than a month). We especially loved the song “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon… so much so that I downloaded the whole album at the very next commercial break (Amazon was selling it for $1.99 … but it’s back up to $10.99 now.) That album is AWESOME. I am borderline obsessed with it now… my favorite song is “You and Me (But Mostly Me)“. I have listened to it upwards of 50 times today. It’s so brilliant… I know people (myself included) compare this to “Defying Gravity” because it has a lot of the same chords and note progressions… I am confident this was done purposefully by the composers, and I think it is a friggin’ stroke of genius (most of the songs in the show sound like other Broadway shows’ songs). This song is the perfect “we’re in this together, but I’m totally the one who is the captain of this ship” song in that Elder Price may be partnered with Elder Cunningham, but Elder Price is convinced that he is the one in charge and that he is the one who is going to make a big impression on God and Jesus. It’s soooooo good. I can’t get enough of this song.

I had to work all day Monday, so that wasn’t too exciting. We didn’t really do anything Monday night either, since Tuesday was going to be a long day.

My parents, sister and I participated in a golf outing for UWCA. My sister golfs a bit, but the rest of us don’t. It was still fun, though. We didn’t suck too bad (we weren’t the highest scoring group there – woot woot!). The weather was gorgeous (right up until we were done playing… then it rained like whoa, but by that time, we were inside). It wasn’t too hot, there was a nice breeze. We all had some good drives and whatnot. We did get yelled at by someone at the country club for driving our carts in the wrong area on one hole. Whoops… We did get home in time from the event to watch The Voice šŸ™‚ I love that show so much. I’m soooo glad that Beverly and Frenchie are left on Team Christina and that the two girls are left on Blake’s team as well. I was a bit shocked that he kept Xenia, but it totally made sense. Good for him. I’m curious to see who stays from Team Cee Lo and Team Adam.

My sister and I went to the mall before our 12:10 showing of Bridesmaids (she hadn’t seen it yet, and I had, but I liked it so much I offered to see it again). We struck out at the department store (she was looking for some housewares and bedding stuff for her new apartment), but had success at Victoria’s Secret. Oh, the Semi-Annual sale, how I love you so. Now if only your store would carry bigger bra sizes, then we’d totally be in business. (Their displays claimed they had my size, but after much searching, the biggest bra I could find in that store was a 38D. Ain’t no way in hell that was gonna work…) We did get some SPF lip gloss in yummy flavors for $1.25, though. So that was nice.

After that, we stopped for some lunch before the movie. This is where my sister and I proceeded to have a conversation about my epic lack of direction when it comes to what I want to do (and where I want to do it) now that I’m done with school. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do, but I was looking at some stuff that sounded interesting in LA and NYC. The downsides were that (1) most of the jobs started right away and there was no way I would be able to do that (2) both those cities are waaaaaaaaaaay expensive and far away from my family, (3) I have never lived on my own before and I have no idea where to even start trying to figure any of this out, and (4) I’m still thinking I just need to move somewhere and then find a job as opposed to applying for stuff all over the country and then having to try and figure out the logistics of if I have to go somewhere to interview. Bah

So, naturally I’m super stressed about all of this (piled on top of being hormonal, feeling like I’m all alone all the time, not having many/any connections in the fields I am interested in, being super worried about not being financially stable, feeling like an epic failure because I don’t have my life figured out, etc…), so I started crying in the middle of the food court. Not loudly or anything, but I went through a bunch of napkins and tissues just wiping away the tears that seemed to not want to stop falling. My sister is pretty good at talking me through stuff like this and calming me down, so the waterworks eventually stopped (though the epic stress is still there… like a set of weights pressing against the sides of my brain). I’ll need to have a conversation with my mom about all of this sometime soon. I feel some tough love coming my way, so I have to prepare myself for that. *heavy sigh*

Bridesmaids cheered me up a bit, but even that film is about a woman hitting bottom because her life isn’t going so smoothly. At least she had a hot Irish cop wanting to spend time with her…

After the movie, we drove home and bummed around for a bit before we had to head out to *another* movie theater. My mom, sister and I got tickets to go see Company. They filmed the stage version starring Neil Patrick Harris and a group of awesome actors and the New York Philharmonic put on at the Lincoln Center. It was AMAZING.

My sister, brother and I saw the revival on Broadway a few years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite musicals. So, of course my sister and I wanted to see this version (esp. b/c I love Neil Patrick Harris). We kinda dragged our mom along (who totally fell asleep during the BEST part of the show… she missed “Ladies Who Lunch” AND “Being Alive”!).

I rarely cry at movies, but this was the second out of two times I teared up at the end of Company. This show is just so, so powerful. The music is amazing, of course. My eyes welled up like little Freddie Highmore’s did at the end of Finding Neverland starting with the “You have a good third husband, JoAnne” scene, right through the end of “Being Alive”. Man, this show just moves me. I’m so thankful I got to see this version. Patti LuPone KILLED “Ladies Who Lunch” and NPH did a really great job as Robert. He’s not as strong vocally as Raul Esparza (who starred in the revival we saw on Broadway), but his acting skills more than made up for it. Just a great, great show. I highly recommend it.

Today. My sister left this morning… she had to drive back to Kansas. I spent a bulk of the day typing up a proposal for a reality show idea I have been thinking about for a few days. I still need to do a little more research about demographics and advertisements, but I am quite pleased with my idea. I don’t have anyone to shop it to, but I’m proud of myself for actually typing something up. I’m not going to say what the idea is, as I don’t want anyone to steal it. But, I will say that it is for a show on which I would totally want to be a participant.

I played a lot of ping pong with my mom today too… though I didn’t win any games. Tomorrow will likely bring more ping pong, hopefully I’ll finish my reality show proposal, and I’ll try and do some more job hunting stuff. Bah.

I don’t work until Saturday, so I will enjoy this last day off I have this week.

Well, I’m off to read…

Have a good one