I’m very lucky that I got to actually spend Fathers Day with my dad – I know a lot of people who are not afforded this luxury, so I appreciate that (1) I get to spend time with my dad and (2) that my dad and I are really close. I’m all about family 🙂

My mom and I had a good discussion about family today. We were talking about how it’s almost been a year since her grandmother passed away. A relative on my dad’s side passed away yesterday (I had only met him once, but I’m still very sad about this relative’s passing just because I know how much it affects my extended family.). So, my mom and I were talking about her extended family. My mom’s an only child, and her mom is an only child, but her grandma and grandpa had siblings who had kids, so my mom was telling me about them. My dad has 2 siblings, and both his parents had multiple siblings (who all seemed to have multiple children as well), so there are lots of people in my family… I just don’t really know any of them. I have 3 first cousins, and I’ve gotten to spend a bit of time here and there with them over the past 22 years. But, since we live so far away from the extended family, I don’t really have any personal relationships with (m)any of them. I’m facebook friends with some of them, but I know there are a whole lot more people I am related to that I don’t really know. Maybe one day I’ll get to making some sort of family tree to try and straighten this all out 🙂 I know that I’m distantly related to a baseball player, an actor and a singer. But it’d be cool to find out about everyone else too.

I had a pseudo productive day, I guess. I ended up sleeping in because I didn’t get home from work till almost midnight last night (What a horrible end to the work night… there were some people who were accusing my colleague of being racist. It almost got out of hand.). Then, by time I got home, I was awake from the hubbub at work, so I read for a while… and then when I finally put my book down, I couldn’t sleep. I watched my clock change to 2:40 am 😦 So, I slept until 9.

I straightened up a bit in my room and played ping pong w/my mom while my dad did some woodwork in the garage. After lunch, we ping ponged some more, then I went to my room to try and go through some of the stuff I have in boxes. I sorted through stuff and ended up with a bag of recyclables and 2 bags of trash thus far. I also found my missing Quiz Show DVD (you cannot fathom how upset I was when I couldn’t find this for the past year…). I also found 4-years worth of movie ticket stubs (I have almost all of my ticket stubs since I saw Titanic in 1997… and I used to go to the movies about once a week… so, I have lots of stubs in a few locations. I had been missing this chunk of stubs and was happy to finally locate it.).

My dad and I watched a couple more episodes of Band of Brothers, and then later tonight, I started rewatching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s my favorite one, so I’m glad to be watching it again 🙂 I think I like this one so much because it’s a visually dark movie. I dig that.

I have to work tomorrow, but thankfully only until 2:45… that means I’ll be home in time to see my friend Danielle on Jeopardy again! It’s so cool that she got on the show, and then to be on a second show is just too amazing 🙂 I hope she does well again on tomorrow’s episode!

Well, I am way tired from last night still, so I’ll be off to read some more (I’m reading a book of scholarly essays about the films of John Hughes. It is quite fascinating!)

Have a good one