So, I was going to post earlier and then go to sleep, but my dad offered to watch another episode of Band of Brothers w/me, and I couldn’t pass that up. I love my dad and that series too much to say no πŸ™‚

My day was pretty meh. I had to work for a few hours – I was super busy, so at least it went pretty quickly. I got home and played some ping pong with my mom, then watched Jeopardy since my friend was on again. She didn’t win again today, but she was up against some tough competitors *and* both rounds had bonkers hard/random answers/categories. My mom and I made pancakes for dinner and watched some more Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I can’t help but laugh when Harry gets all mad after finding out that stuff about Sirius Black and he’s all like, “HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!“. I’ve watched A Very Potter Sequel too many times and now all I can think of during this scene is when Harry yells “I’M IN A RAGE! THIS IS THE MADDEST I’VE EVER BEEN!” (2:28… you’re welcome πŸ™‚ )

I did the dishes and then read for a bit, then watched some HIMYM reruns. My mom and I played some more ping pong (i won one game today… out of a dozen or more played) then my dad and I watched BoB. And now I need to read some more and try to get some sleep in before the storms roll in tonight (we’re supposed to have rain and storms overnight, lasting for a few days… boo).

I’m still reading “don’t you forget about me” and I LOVE IT. These essays about John Hughes films are outstanding. I’ve seen almost all of his films, so I’m at least in the know about what these people are writing about. I can’t help but think, though, about Blane in Pretty in Pink. One of the producers for Glee said that Blaine Anderson was named after Blane… and it’s general consensus that Blane didn’t deserve to end up with Andie in Pretty in Pink… so I’m hoping that there is no correlation between Blane and Blaine besides the name. Because even though one could argue that Blaine doesn’t deserve Kurt, I like the two of them together too much. Whereas, I think Andie should have ended up with Duckie… because Duckie was kinda great. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I could totally expand that into an epic monologue, but I need some sleep.

Have a good one!