… my, his hair has gotten gray over these past few years.

This isn’t a political blog or anything, but since the president is talking and I’m typing while he’s talking, some political whatnot is bouts to be typed right here. Just to let you know…

… I voted for Obama. And I’m proud of that vote. I agree with a lot of his policies, I support many of his platforms, and I think he’s a really great speaker.

Right now he’s talking about removing troops from Afghanistan and how 30,000+ troops should be out of there by next summer. I’m not naive enough to believe that this war on terror and the war(s) in the middle east are anywhere close to being over, but I think this is progress. I’m glad that he’s reminding us that there are still dangerous people against the USA and that we need to remain vigilant. The USA may be a world power, but it’s not our single-handed responsibility to make sure other countries are doing their part to run themselves. It is pretty great to see other countries working to better themselves, by establishing a more cohesive and organized government, or fighting against their own terrorist organizations. Right now he’s speaking about us building a partnership with the Afghan people and a sovereign Afghan government. (here, here!)

He is now speaking about how the past decade has been a difficult one. I was in high school when 9/11 happened… I’m in my late 20s now. This war and its continuing repercussions have been part of my entire adult life. I am very curious about how and when this war will end, and under which presidency. I really hope Obama runs for a second term and I really, really hope that he is elected president again.

Okay, enough politics.

I’m super tired, which is why I’m typing this blog post up now (it’s 7:15 pm) instead of later right before I go to sleep.

My alarm woke me up around 7:30 and I spent a majority of the day at work. I was beyond busy. Whoever is in charge of scheduling people is not knocking my socks off. On such a busy, busy day, our higher ups informed us at the morning meeting that they had an extra 50 hours worth of shifts that needed to be filled today. I often wonder why they don’t just schedule more people to work, instead of asking the people who are already working in understaffed work areas to stay for extra time. I was by myself the whole day, and my work area was super busy… I barely had a 5 minute break… I didn’t want to stay longer. I wanted someone to be there while I was there so I wasn’t running around like a crazy person trying to help as many people as possible. Customer service is super hard when there is one person trying to help 10 people at once. I spoke with my manager a couple times today in passing and we discussed the lack of coverage. Bah

So, work was busy. I came home and was super tired, but I still played 5 rounds of ping pong w/my mom. She won the first four games, but I won the last one! Woot woot!

We made tacos, then watched another episode of Band of Brothers, then the president, and now we’re watching The Voice. I think the four people that America voted through in the past couple weeks should be the ones to make it to next week’s finals. They were the better performers last night. I mean, everyone was awesome, but Javier, Dia, Vicki, and Beverly were AMAZING.

Well, I’m gonna go and watch The Voice and snuggle my Moose.

Have a good one