I wonder if everyone was so crabby and mean today because of the gloomy weather we’ve been having? We had some extra impolite people partake in our wares today (or at least complain about them). I felt bad for a colleague of mine – she basically got reamed out for no good reason whatsoever. It takes every ounce of me to keep smiling at these rude people. Thank you, four years of acting lessons.

I worked for most of the day and then came home with a massive headache due to being exposed to some beyond heavily scented products in the area where I was working. I submitted a request to see if those products could get isolated in an area further away then where they are now. I doubt that’ll happen, though. At least I’ll be working in a different area tomorrow – woot woot.

When I got home from work, I had dinner with my parents and we started watching Hereafter. We got about 40 minutes in and then had to stop b/c my dad got a phone call. I like the movie so far – but then, any movie directed by Clint Eastwood is a winner.

This evening was the Glee rerun of “Blame it on the Alcohol”. I wrote two huge blog posts about this episode awhile ago (first one and second one) because I had very conflicting thoughts about Blaine’s character. Now that the season is over and we know that (spoiler alert) two episodes later, Blaine and Kurt have their first (and second) kiss and then are dating after that, I still think that Blaine’s momentary confusion about his sexuality was a bit random if in the next episode, he tries to talk to Kurt about sex and then in the episode following that, he’s finally come around and realized he has feelings for Kurt. To me, it still doesn’t make much logical sense that Blaine is struggling to find himself during “Blaine it on the Alcohol” with no real backstory that would support this confusion. But, then again, Glee sometimes just doesn’t make much sense anyway. Most of the time, the stories follow plot points established in prior episodes, but I feel like a lot of the Blaine stuff was kinda touch and go because maybe the writers weren’t initially sure how people would react to his character and ultimately how that character would need to assimilate in with the established club. The people have spoken – we love Blaine (and especially Blaine with Kurt). If they don’t make Darren Criss a series regular for Season 3, they are crazy.

(end Glee rant)

I have to work tomorrow morning, but then I’ll be done by 1:30. We have a guest coming to stay with us tomorrow night (some friend of my dad’s), so I’ll have to do some cleaning and whatnot. I have off this weekend – woot woot – so I expect a lot of ping pong with my mom (yay!) and job hunting (boo/hiss 😦 ).

Have a good one