So, this is going to be an epically short post, as I am about to head to bed. However, I just had to comment how incredibly happy I am that New York legalized same-sex marriage. 🙂

This is really big… and I hope other states are taking note and following suite as soon as possible.

Equality for all US citizens should be common practice by now, but it’s not. So this legalization of gay marriage in New York is a really big deal and I am super thankful that it happened.

You can call me naive, but I still cannot understand for the life of me how it’s 2011 and all consenting adult couples who love each other don’t have the right to marry whomever they want, regardless of sexual orientation? I mean, if this 51 year old-actor guy can marry a 16 year old girl, then why on earth can’t two consenting adults of the same sex get married?

Anyway… I’m glad New York stepped up for marriage equality.

Have a good one