All I did today was watch Harry Potter movies and play ping pong – both activities with my mom. We were epic wastes of space, but it kinda felt awesome. My mom is usually go go go with house chores and gardening. She was going to paint part of the house today, but it looked like rain, so we ended up alternating playing a bunch of rounds of ping pong and managed to watch the rest of Goblet of Fire and the whole of Order of the Phoenix. She hadn’t seen Order of the Phoenix, so it was vital she watch it, obviously.

I really don’t have much else to write right now. I should be job hunting and whatnot, but I will get on with that tomorrow. For reals.

Right now, I’m going to write out something I’ve been working on and then read for a bit. I’m uber tired, so I’ll probably pack it in earlier than usual… hopefully.

Have a good one