So, it turns out that I was feeling so off yesterday/last night/this morning is because I had food poisoning. My mom and I came to this conclusion because she got sick too… and we both had eaten the same thing yesterday. So, thanks a lot, potato salad from our local grocery store. I shan’t be eating you again ever.

I kept better hydrated at work today, so at least I wasn’t as dizzy. Yay for water!

Thank you, Vicky and Laura, for your “get better” messages – they were much appreciated 🙂

Today was as chill as it could be, despite feeling sick and still having to go to work. Work went okay – I was consistently busy for the most part, which always helps. I was alone again in my work area, but I was thankful that I was able to take my break. Sometimes it helps to just sit and clear your head for a bit.

I was out of work by 3:30, so I drove home and changed into my comfy clothes (that automatically makes me feel better… soccer shorts and a t-shirt are infinitely more comfortable than my work ensemble). I had a drink with my mom and then snuggled my dogs for a bit (also something that automatically makes me feel better). I checked some email and then sat outside with Moose while my mom dismantled some latices that we didn’t need anymore. We made pancakes and watched some Glee (Season 1 Episode 4, “Preggers”… aka the episode where Kurt does the “Single Ladies” dance several times. Woot. We only watched about 15 minutes, but that meant 2 “Single Ladies” dances… woot woot.)

And now here we are, chillin’ in the living room watching The Voice. I really like all four of the remaining contestants (Vicki, Javier, Dia and Beverly), so I really don’t care who wins. I just hope they all end up with recording contracts, because I would listen to solo albums from all of them. The top 8 contestants from the show are going on tour, but they aren’t coming anywhere near where I live right now. If they were coming here, I’d totally go see them, but I’m not driving for hours to see their show. Sorry, Voice contestants.

Well… I’m gonna lay down and watch the show.

Have a good one

(P.S. Javier is singing his original song right now… the people who write the original songs for the American Idol contestants should take note. AI original songs suck, but Javier’s song is pretty decent.)