My theory is, if it’s cold outside, you can always layer up and get yourself warmer. When it’s 100 degrees out, there’s nothing much you can do once you’re down to a tank top and shorts. Just sayin’… I kinda miss the cold weather.

My grandparents are coming tomorrow (there was a change of plans…), so my mom and I did various chores and activities today to get the place ready. We went to the library (my mom finished her massive stack of books and needed some more…). I returned some DVDs I didn’t watch and I book I didn’t read in exchange for 2 more DVDs I likely won’t watch and a couple books I’ll attempt to get through (one is an autobiography of someone who survived the Titanic, and the other is a book by Gregory Maguire that I haven’t read yet. I’ve read all of his books except for the one I got out today… and to be honest, I haven’t really liked any of them. But I feel that I should like his work. I mean, I know Wicked the musical is VASTLY different than his book, but some part of me feels like I should keep giving him chances. We’ll see after this one…).

After the library, we got some bagels (we’re coming down to the final day of food poisoning repercussions, I can feel it… so bagels are safe to eat b/c they are just carbs and nothing crazy… at least that’s our rationale…) to eat for lunch and then we played some ping pong. In 90+ degree weather. Not our finest idea of the day, but we thought the garage was cool, temperature-wise. After 20 minutes of ping pong, though, it wasn’t feeling so awesome anymore.

We had bagels and watched some tennis. I love watching Wimbledon with my mom because we used to watch it every summer together, ever since I was a baby. The semi-finals for the women were on today. Somehow, the women’s matches have been less entertaining to watch than the men’s… I think it’s because the men volley more, whereas the women are mostly getting points because of botched returns or double faults. Boo.

Post-bagels, I cleaned a bit downstairs and threw my laundry in the dryer while my mom vacuumed and ironed. Then, we both had to sew buttons back onto some items of clothing. I suck at sewing in general, but I am very competent when it comes to sewing buttons. Woot woot. I called my mom Betsy Ross and we both laughed as we remembered when my little brother dressed up like Betsy Ross for some school project. It was hilarious.

When my dad got home later, we watched another episode of Band of Brothers, and then the Glee re-run, “Sexy.” Not my most favorite episode of the season because I only really dug a couple of the song choices, but I did love that there was some quality Klaine scenes (including the Warblers version of “Animal,” which j’adore), a great Burt/Blaine scene and then, of course, Burt giving Kurt the sex talk. Burt is the greatest television father of all time. I will keep typing this until my capral tunnel kicks in. Burt is the BEST. I wrote a big blog post about this episode when it first aired. If you want, you can read that HERE.

And that’s about all that happened today…

… except that I just remembered that I totally got my Darren Criss EP in the mail today (!). Of course I already have the five songs on it on my iTunes, but I wanted a physical copy of the CD to have with the stack of magazines, Glee/Warblers stuff and StarKid stuff I have piling up around here.

I write about Darren Criss quite often on here as it is, but a few weeks ago I decided it was time for me to join the Darren Criss Street Team (DCST). It’s a group of people who are really passionate about his music and the other projects he’s worked on. I don’t personally know any of the other people in the group (there’s, like, thousands of people who are a part of this… all through social media), but I like being a part of it because (1) I totally am a big supporter of all-things Darren Criss and (2) it’s nice being a part of a group who has a shared interest.

So, just to be forewarned, I will continue to write about Darren Criss on here. And I’ll post video clips and link out to articles and stuff. I know a lot of people are just aware of him as Blaine on Glee (and to be honest, that’s how I first heard of him), but his music is really great and the theater group he’s part of, StarKid, is totally awesome πŸ™‚

It’s hard to pick just one favorite song of his, but one I listen to a lot is “I Still Think”. (I like this version of the song because he keeps breaking his guitar strings.) Enjoy πŸ™‚

Have a good one