Hey you… person reading this blog entry.

Somehow I am still sick (though I think the food poisoning is done, and now I’m just exhausted/not taking the heat super well), so this will be a short post, as I need some sleep.

My grandparents rolled into town today, so I spent the day with them and my parents at the house. It was nice to just be around family all day. Makes me miss my siblings, though.

We just got hit by a sorta intense thunderstorm. The power flashed on and off for a bit, there were tornado sirens, our Internet had to be re-set. You know, the usual. At least the weather is going to be better tomorrow – in the 80s, as opposed to near 100 like it was again today. I can’t handle that sort of weather for an extended period of time. I was trying to keep hydrated the best I could, but somehow I’m still feeling really weird. *shrug*

So, I’m headed to bed soon. Though, before I do, I thought other Glee/Darren Criss fans would be pleased to know that he has been picked up as a series regular for Season 3 (as was Harry Shum, Jr… the talented ghuy who played Mike Chang). A big shocker was that Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans) was *not* picked up as a regular, though that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s off the show forever. This article suggests he could be an “occasional guest star.” I wonder what that means for Samcedes…

While Sam was never my favorite character on Glee, I was starting to like him a bit more toward the end of the season. That character’s tendency to quote Sean Connery movies and his story line involving the hardships his family was facing were endearing. I wonder if Ryan Murphy will ever reveal why he didn’t pick up Chord OVerstreet’s contract as a series regular?

Alas… I’m super happy about Harry Shum Jr. and Darren Criss, though. I hope Mike Chang gets some good story lines (I like him and Tina together!). I’m also hoping that Blaine’s transfer to McKinley goes over well. I’ll miss the Dalton attire, but it’ll be nice to see Blaine get to mix in with the McKinley kids, after seeing all the fun they’ve all been having on the Glee tour. On the tour, Blaine gets asked to be in the Glee club, then joins New Directions for several songs during the encore. (Turns out Blaine/Darren also trolled his way into the Safety Dance number on the tour as of late… hilarious dance moves ensued. Like whoa…)

Darren shows up at 1:49… he’s the one in the front and center of the screen with the light blue shirt and black pants on. Comedy bits.

Well, I should get to bed.

Have a good one