Today was beautiful, thank goodness. I really can’t handle 100 degree weather. When I get a place of my own, it will be somewhere where it isn’t ungodly hot all the time, that’s for sure. I like seasons. I like cold weather. I like snow. (Yep. I wrote it. I like snow.)

My parents and grandparents got an early start, but they let me stay home and sleep in since I was still feeling really sick last night. I woke up a few times throughout the night, but then slept until around 9. I needed it, badly. I’m still a bit off today, but since the weather was nicer, I wasn’t doing as horribly as I had been. However, this morning, I drank over a half a pitcher of iced tea because my mouth was feeling really dry and no matter how much I drank, I still felt thirsty. This happened last summer, so I’m not too alarmed. I’m sure it’s weather (or even stress) related.

When my parents and grandparents got home, we hung out for a bit, then headed to downtown Minneapolis. We went out to lunch at some tavern and then went for a ginormous walk near/around/on the Stone Arch Bridge. I’ve been there a few times before, but I never mind going back because I like that area of town – I think the Guthrie and the Mill City Museum are pretty awesome to look at. Plus, since it was such a gorgeous day, it was nice to be out for a walk – good breeze, some mist off the Mississippi River… nice. I had my sunglasses on, so I was all set for the bright day.

We were supposed to go on a boat ride, but we got a later start than we should have, so that didn’t happen. Alas. I haven’t been out on the new boat yet, so I was looking forward to that. But, another day.

I found out from my mom that my sister is going to NYC later this month. I was so jealous/pissed. I haven’t been there in YEARS and it’s my favorite place to visit. I was really sad, so I texted her and told her that I miss our trips (we used to road trip together all the time when we lived together) and that I really want to go to NYC or somewhere w/her sometime soon. (I haven’t been on a proper vacation in forever.) So, she’s not free again until October, and I have no idea where I’ll be then or what my availability will be, so we’re gonna have to play it by ear. I might be going to visit her for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II premiere, though. If I can get someone to cover a couple of my shifts, I’ll go to Kansas and see it w/her and her boyfriend. I should find out tomorrow if that’s going to be possible. I hope it is.

So, since I love all things Harry Potter and I’m going to do my part to spread the word about the amazing musical/acting talent that is Darren Criss… I thought I’d share a video clip with you. (Sorry, blog readers, but whether you like it or not, you are going to be infiltrated daily, most likely, with Darren Criss information… He’s a talented dude. More people should be aware of said talent.)

Anyway, I know you’ve read about my epic love for A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, but here’s a clip of Darren Criss (w/guest Lauren Lopez!) singing “Get Back to Hogwarts” at his recent concert at the Irving Plaza in NYC… enjoy 🙂

And seriously… even if you aren’t a Darren Criss fan (yet), if you like Harry Potter, you should really watch A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. They are BRILLIANT.

Have a good one