July 3, 2011 was the last day of the Glee Live tour for this summer. Chris Colfer / Kurt Hummel and Darren Criss / Blaine Warbler Anderson delivered in SPADES. If you are a Glee fan, or a Klaine fan, or a Brittana fan, or all of the aforementioned, then your heart likely almost exploded when watching that video. I have seen a bajillion different versions of this skit posted on a bunch of websites. Props to you people for having the time and skill to collect all those videos and turn them into various gifs and whatnot. “They Kissed” was even trending on Twitter. Worldwide. It actually still is… and it’s 10:52 PM Central Time. This video was from hours and hours ago…

It kinda makes me smile that there are people out there who are really, really dedicated to this show. I love Glee. And you can be damn sure I love Klaine. So, not gonna lie, this video made me smile a bit. Okay, a lot.

The cool thing is, besides knowing that there are tons of other gLeeks out there… is that so many people are actually super happy about two same-sex couples sharing kisses on the stage. (I mean, I’m sure there are some haters out there too, but on a whole, this has been a joyous occasion among the gLee-loving community.) I’m proud of my generation of people. Something like this gives me hope that equal rights for all and marriage for all, regardless of sexual orientation, will actually be a reality during my lifetime. Yeah, I said it. (Well, wrote it.) Glee may just be a show, but it’s bajillions of fans, and other like-minded people, will be the ones to go out and vote and make sure that everybody gets treated equally because we all were created equally. 🙂 (And this is me getting off of my soap box and going to sleep like I said I was going to do an hour ago…)

So, here’s to the other Glee/Klaine fans out there. The hiatus is now officially upon us. We can make it until September. It may get ugly, but we can do it.

And always remember:


You matter.

I’ve been looking for you forever.

I’m never saying goodbye to you.

I love you. I love you, too.


Have a good one